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What Is a Long Tail Keyword?

You probably already know that the keywords (keywords) are words or phrases that Internet users type in the search box to search engines, such as Google, to find the information they are looking for. But, you know what the long tail keywords?

what is long tail keyword
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For me, long tail keywords (LTK) is not foreign. I know the term LTK first time around the beginning of 2010. A year later I explore LTK as the main key words in dozens of niche my English blog monetized with Google AdSense or Amazon affiliate.

Do not worry if you do not know LTK. Below is an explanation of what it LTK, complete with examples and benefits for you.

1. Definition LTK

Many SEO practitioners who divide keywords into three categories, namely head keyword, body keyword, and LTK.

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Head keywords are keywords that consist of a single word (eg, acne). Body keyword is a keyword which consists of 2-3 words, eg cystic acne and eliminate cystic acne. Meanwhile, LTK is a keyword which consists of four or more words, for example to remove cystic acne.

Need another example of the third category of these keywords? Please see in the image below.

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2. Benefits LTK

There are at least four benefits that you can get when aiming LTK on your posts.

a) easy to make posts

LTK very specific that makes creating posts. For example, if you made a post about acne, you will be relatively difficult to write because it had to peel all aspects of acne.

Another case if you make a post about how to eliminate cystic acne. You do not need to peel all aspects of acne, but to focus on the removal of cystic acne alone.

b) a low level of competition in the search engines

LTK generally have fewer searches than the other two categories of keywords. Because these numbers, many bloggers are not aiming LTK thus becomes a low level of competition in the search engines. Thus, the chances of your posts that target LTK go to page 1 of search engines increases.

c) Conversion of high

LTK generally have higher conversion. This conversion will greatly assist you when selling products.

For example, in your post about how to get rid of acne stone, you offer a remedy to eliminate acne. Now, visitors who read your posts and have problems with cystic acne will be more interested in buying your product.

Indeed LTK limited market segment. However, if accumulated from diverse LTK, the number will increase significantly.

d) Can enter the page one with head or body keyword

If you are using LTK and mengoptimasinya, you have a chance also to go to page 1 of Google for keyword head or body. Really?

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Yes, I experienced this dozens of times so it could make Indonesia a renowned SEO expert surprised. A recent example can be seen in the ebook How to Write Posts Quality.

As you can see, LTK is easy to understand. So, after reading this post, I am optimistic that you know what it is LTK. Apart from that, in the next post I will inform the easiest way to get LTK.

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