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What Is a Long Tail Keyword?

You probably already know that the keywords (keywords) are words or phrases that Internet users type in the search box to search engines, such as Google, to find the information they are looking for. But, you know what the long tail keywords?

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For me, long tail keywords (LTK) is not foreign. I know the term LTK first time around the beginning of 2010. A year later I explore LTK as the main key words in dozens of niche my English blog monetized with Google AdSense or Amazon affiliate.

Do not worry if you do not know LTK. Below is an explanation of what it LTK, complete with examples and benefits for you.

1. Definition LTK

Many SEO practitioners who divide keywords into three categories, namely head keyword, body keyword, and LTK.

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Head keywords are keywords that consist of a single word (eg, acne). Body keyword is a keyword which consists of 2-3 words, eg cystic acne and eliminate cystic acne. Meanwhile, LTK is a keyword which consists of four or more words, for example to remove cystic acne.

Need another example of the third category of these keywords? Please see in the image below.

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2. Benefits LTK

There are at least four benefits that you can get when aiming LTK on your posts.

a) easy to make posts

LTK very specific that makes creating posts. For example, if you made a post about acne, you will be relatively difficult to write because it had to peel all aspects of acne.

Another case if you make a post about how to eliminate cystic acne. You do not need to peel all aspects of acne, but to focus on the removal of cystic acne alone.

b) a low level of competition in the search engines

LTK generally have fewer searches than the other two categories of keywords. Because these numbers, many bloggers are not aiming LTK thus becomes a low level of competition in the search engines. Thus, the chances of your posts that target LTK go to page 1 of search engines increases.

c) Conversion of high

LTK generally have higher conversion. This conversion will greatly assist you when selling products.

For example, in your post about how to get rid of acne stone, you offer a remedy to eliminate acne. Now, visitors who read your posts and have problems with cystic acne will be more interested in buying your product.

Indeed LTK limited market segment. However, if accumulated from diverse LTK, the number will increase significantly.

d) Can enter the page one with head or body keyword

If you are using LTK and mengoptimasinya, you have a chance also to go to page 1 of Google for keyword head or body. Really?

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Yes, I experienced this dozens of times so it could make Indonesia a renowned SEO expert surprised. A recent example can be seen in the ebook How to Write Posts Quality.

As you can see, LTK is easy to understand. So, after reading this post, I am optimistic that you know what it is LTK. Apart from that, in the next post I will inform the easiest way to get LTK.

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Tips in Choosing and Maximizing Cheap Web Site Packages

If you want to publish things in the Internet, you have to avail of services offered by web hosting companies. These services come at a price. For them to store your site in their computer system so that other people can access it though web browser programs, you have to pay the subscription fee.
When the Internet technology is still new, there are only few companies that offer web hosting services. Thus, they are only accessible to people who are capable of paying expensive monthly fees.
However, as years pass by, many companies were founded, and this time, they are capable of offering web hosting services at a cheaper price. (Some web hosting companies can even give service for free!) They may have lesser features than premium web hosting services, but you get to save more money. Besides, having a cheaper see does not mean you cannot do much with the web hosting facilities. That is, if you know how to choose and maximize cheap web hosting services.

Here are some things to take into consideration in cheap web hosting:

1. Know what you want and need.

The basic step in choosing a web host is to know what the needs that the web host must address are. Know what are the things that you can or cannot live without. Then browse for web hosting companies that can help you on this.
Web hosting companies may offer you almost the same service package. But once you look closely, minute details determine if the web host is best suited to your needs.

2. Analyze the services and features offered thoroughly.

With all the web hosting companies that are competing in the industry, they try very hard to offer the services that their competitors have. However these services may sound alike, there is no assurance as to the truth of the claims. The best way not to be deceived it to inquire more deeply about the services they are offering.

3. Know web hosting terms and their importance.

Web hosting companies that have the capability to charge at a very low price cut their expenses down. And that can affect you as their clients since the money that they spend on their operations reflect on the facilities that they have to serve you.
That is why you should be aware of terms such as:

– Disk space

It refers to the amount of memory allotted for your account. Since your site is stored in their computer system, their memory is divided into numerous clients. If you will be including multimedia files in your site, you will need larger disk space.

– Bandwidth limit

Bandwidth refers to the amount of information (measured in bytes) that net users have downloaded when they visited your site. It is summed per month period.

Web hosting companies assign a limit in bandwidth consumption. You have to be aware of this since larger size and greater traffic in your site will cause faster exhaustion of bandwidth resources.
These two aspects of web hosting are important. They come above other services that web hosts include in their packages. That is why you must not be deceived by add-on features, when in fact; these two aspects are the ones that matter most.
Now, you know better when it comes to web hosting. It is not necessary for you to pay a large sum of money for a web hosting service. Cheap web hosting services will do. You just have to choose wisely.

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Do You Make These Mistakes When Choosing A Cheap Web Hosting Package?

Do you believe in the saying, “services are as good as how much you have paid them?” There may be truth to it. But when it comes to some industries like the web hosting industry, most often than not, you are not simply getting what you pay for.

With the proliferation of web hosting services in the market today, many people are enticed to try it out without even knowing the possible consequences that they may experience. By simply neglecting to research on the item makes them vulnerable to certain frauds that will not only trigger loss of income but an imminent loss of business as well.

For this reason, many web servers have created more affordable packages when it comes to web hosting services. With these, most people who have tried the products have contended that getting a cheap web hosting package is far better option than relying on expensive services and still get the same features.

However, in spite of the favorable responses from the consumers regarding cheap web hosting packages, there are still some people arguing that these kinds of services are not worth the effort at all.

What these people do not know is that the magnitudes of using web hosting services are mostly not factored in some financial matters. This goes to show that whether you obtain an expensive or a cheap web hosting service, if you do not know how to choose the right service that can work best for you, chances are, you may end up losing everything.

Hence, it is important that you know how to choose cheap web hosting package that can provide you with your entire web hosting needs.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make when choosing web hosting packages:

1. You do not know what you are getting into

Are you the kind of person who instantly grabs a promotional package just because everything sounds great? If you do, then you might be in for some trouble.
One of the main reasons why most people who opt for cheap web hosting packages do not getting what they need is because they do not know what they are into in the first place.

Doing some feasible research is necessary to know which cheap web hosting package can work best.

2. You do not shop around and compare

If you really want to obtain cheap web hosting package, all you have to do is to shop around and compare. It is the only best thing that you can do in order to acquire the cheap web hosting package that you need. Besides, if you have nothing to compare with, how can you say that the web hosting package you have just acquired is cheap?

Cheap web hosting package does not necessarily mean any web hosting packages that are priced low. A real cheap web hosting package is something that may be priced lower than the other packages, but the services are still the same.

Searching and browsing for cheap web hosting services online is easy. In this way, you get to look for the best package and compare which one can provide you with quality services at a lower price.

Given all that, getting a cheap web hosting package at the right approach is the best way to uphold a reliable web hosting service if you do not want to spend more than what you can afford. With these packages, you may not be paying more but you are definitely getting the services that you need.

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Tips on Getting the Best Cheap Web Hosting Resources

Finding the best cheap web hosting resource for your online business can be a daunting task. With the vast array of choices, you may never know which one is the best and at the same time the cheapest.

Newbies in the industry try to find the best cheap web hosting resources in order to obtain web hosting service that does not just provide them with quality services but at a lower cost. Knowing some cheap web hosting resources will eventually lead you to low-cost web hosting services, which are perfect for beginners like you.

Finding reliable resources that can supply links to cheap web hosting services may be easy online. With the vastness of the Internet, finding a good resource for your hosting services is never hard.

However, not all cheap web hosting resources are perfect sources for the things that you need. They may vary according to the kinds of web hosting services that they have on their list. Hence, it is important that you know some tips in looking for the most dependable cheap web hosting resources.

Here is a list of some factors that you need to consider:
1. Consistency
In choosing cheap web hosting resources, try to look for those that are consistent on their promotions. In other words, they live up to what they advertise in the market. Some resources try to lure people to browse on their list of web hosting services, only to reveal that they do not have the services that you need.

Hence, it is important that resources for cheap web hosting services should be reliable enough in order to be trust among their clients.

2. Basic features
A good resource on cheap web hosting service should be able to provide a reliable service that entails the basic features that are good enough for a usual web hosting activity.

Since it offers low-cost web hosting services, resources like these are not to be expected of providing remarkable hosting services. However, it is necessary that they can still provide their customers with dependable features such as adequate space, suitable bandwidth, and a 24/7 technical support system.

Even if they are cheap, customers still pay the charges. Hence, it is reasonable for web hosting services to provide their clients with quality services. It is time to get away with the common concept of having sub-par services linked with cheap web hosting resources.

Additional Resources
To find more web hosting services that are fit for your budget, you may try other web hosting resources online. You can try utilizing the host directories. With this type of cheap web hosting resource, you can find a wide array of choices that will give you the best cheap web hosting services.

Consequently, if you think that cheap web hosting resources are too good to be true, they probably are. So, when in doubt, seek the help of your friends who are already exposed into web hosting services. Maybe they can help you find the best cheap web hosting resource that can give you the list that you need.

You may also try visiting online forums and “discussion boards.” These are additional resources for your cheap web hosting service provider. With the information that you can derive from their discussions, you can easily identify which company can give you the best cheap web hosting service.

Indeed, there are many resources of cheap web hosting services online. All you have to do is to look, scrutinize each one, and consider the factors that will help you choose the best and the most affordable web hosting service provider.

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Cheap Web Hosting Solution Basics: What Every Newbie Needs to Know

The demand for more affordable web hosting service rates have been a crucial issue. With this, many web hosting businesses tend to use malicious techniques of drawing more customers to their web hosting services by marketing what comes into view as a very cheap price.

The growth of cheap web hosting solutions provider have significantly increased, and so thus the problem of deciding whether to obtain a cheap web hosting solution or a reliable but expensive one.

On its fundamental nature, cheap web hosting solution does not necessarily produce reliable services. In most instances, opting for a cheap service will most likely do more harm than good. This is because many web hosting solutions provider that offer their services at lower prices are mostly after the deceitful means of generating profits.

Unreliable web hosting solutions usually do not have full control on their servers. Uptime is almost next to impossible. Moreover, additional charges are usually not included in the low-priced mark, hence, the clients end up paying more than what they have expected.

So if you are thinking about getting a cheap web hosting solution, consider these tips first and identify the best cheap web hosting solution that can suit your needs.

Here is how:

1. Do your homework
When you want to cut back on your budget and settle for a cheap web hosting solution, it would be better if you will do your homework first. That is, research on the features that most cheap web hosting solutions provide. Read some reviews about known low-cost web hosting solutions.

If you have a particular web host in mind, try to search for it in the search engine and find out if the company had been financially stable and if they had been in the business for long. Then, try to evaluate its features. Will they work for you? Is a cheap web hosting solution really for you? .

2. Read and understand the “terms of use”
The problem with most people who fall prey in fraudulent web hosting activities is that they do not read the rules and conditions stipulated in the “terms of use.” In the end, they suffer the consequences on things that they do not know simply because they have neglected reading the part that states such provisions of some sort.

So by the time that they have realized their costly mistake, it is all too late. Since they have already committed their selves to the contract, they are rather tied down to a very expensive web hosting solution. Hence, month after month, these people keep on paying additional charges, which they claim were not stated in the low-price promotion of the service, but are actually stated in the “terms of use.”

A Good Price to Pay?
Most cheap web hosting solutions offer less quality service than the expensive ones. What more can you expect?

In fact, one of the gravest drawbacks of a cheap web hosting solution is their downtime. This means that your online business web site may not even show your merchandises to possible customers; and the worst, you cannot even close a deal or make a sales transaction.

The upshot? You are not generating any profits. So think about it. Is the cheap price really worth the risk?

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Cheap Dedicated Server Tricks

When it comes to Internet hosting services, selecting from many types of web hosting services may sound easy. However, each classification has its own unique ability in providing the required services.

Among the different types of web hosting services, dedicated web hosting is the most convenient. This is because dedicated web hosting or dedicated server provides facilities that will let you have full domination on your personal web server, including your pick of your very own hardware, operating system, etc. Additional services are also provided such as “server administration.”

In essence, a dedicated server provides the client full navigation on the server, without anybody or any business sharing the facilities with him. Hence, most webmasters consider dedicated servers as the most flexible type of web hosting.

However, with the remarkable features that dedicated servers bring, many people think that the rates of dedicated servers are as good as what it can provide. As they say, you get what you pay for. Therefore, if dedicated servers can provide you with the best web hosting services that you need, chances are, rates are deemed costly.

With the limited acquisitions of dedicated servers generally catered to people who can afford to pay such costly rates, some companies take chances of providing cheap dedicated servers, thinking that they can lure budget-tight people into trying their services. These companies try to offer dedicated servers at a very cheap and nearly matchless price.

Therefore, if you think that cheap dedicated servers are too good to be true, most often than not, it is true. Most dedicated servers that are being marketed at lower prices include some tricks that tie up clients into paying more services at very high prices.

Since most people are easily blinded with the word “cheap,” they eventually fall into trap and end up paying a rather costly dedicated web hosting service rates. Many people claim that various charges come up in the end, which were previously not included in the stipulated cheap dedicated server.

That is why it is important to read the “terms of use” before signing on the dot. To help you in evading these unscrupulous activities, here are some of the identified tricks that cheap dedicated server employ.

1. Control panel fees not included
Most cheap dedicated web hosting services do not include the “license fees” for the control panel. People who are not aware of this condition will normally think that it is okay or it is not even included in the package. The problem is that control panel is extremely necessary in order to operate a dedicated server. Hence, by the time the client gets his bill, a whopping $50 charge had been added, for instance, denoting the license fee for the control panel.

Since the client is already tied down to such commitment, he has no other choice but to wait for the contract to expire. In addition, it would be better to take note of the prices as well because control panel charges may vary from one server to another, and some of companies may not even charge fairly.

2. Hardware devices that are not sufficient to run dedicated servers
Most cheap dedicated servers will require you some hardware requirements and configurations that are, in reality, not sufficient in order for the dedicated server to run effectively. With this, upgrades are necessary to facilitate the operation. The problem is that some of these upgrades are expensive and, most often than not, it is the dedicated web hosting service provider that does the upgrading.

At the end of the month, you will be surprised that the cheap dedicated server you have subscribed to is not at all cheap because additional charges such as upgrades had been included in your account..

These are just some of the many tricks that you have to watch out in order to avoid any possible additional expenses. Therefore, the nest time you run into a cheap dedicated web server, try to evaluate and assess if getting dedicated server at a lower price is worth the risk.

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