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How To Earn And Make Money From Blog [Easy Guide]

This post is a continuation of my previous post about blogging guide for beginners to make money.

If my friend had not read the post, please read first.
For this post I would like to specifically discuss about how to make money from blogs in detail in the hope of giving a little insight for my friend who wants to learn to make money from blogs.
Because the post is quite long so I highly recommend that my friend prepare in advance a cup of coffee and snacks so that later do not sleepy in the middle of the road.
If you’re ready, please be continued …
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Making money from blogs is not the way to get rich quick

In this world no one is instant.

Instant noodles are an instant he can not be eaten with the wrapper.

Everything needs a process.

Making money from blogs as well as it is, takes the process.

As I mentioned above, I know the blog since 2010 but recently can make money from a blog in early 2013. That means two more years of my blogging without any results.

Successful bloggers I know are also mostly been blogging for years before finally meraka can successfully generate a lot of money from their blogs.

Here I just want to emphasize that making money from blogs is not impossible, but not easy at all and not a way to get rich quick.

Blogging is only for people who have the patience and perseverance to learn continuously to be able to make their blogs as a source of income.

Well, if my friend is one such person, means the buddy is obliged to read this post further.

Recognizes two types of bloggers

Before I go any further, there are some other important things you need to know first.

In this world, two types of bloggers. The first type is the blogger whose blog is not because of money, and the second type is bloggers blogging for money.

Both types are equally bloggers can make money from a blog, but specifically for bloggers blogging for money is usually the process to make money would be much more difficult. The reason is because a lot of new things to learn.

Examples like this:

Bloggers are blogging not because the money is usually from the beginning has had good writing skills. While not all bloggers are blogging for money writing skills.

I personally think is an example of early blogging bloggers who do not have good writing skills. It took a long time for me to be able to write like this. That is one reason why blogging for two years I could not produce anything.

If my friend feels the kind of blogger blogging due solely to make money, then be aware that a lot of new things to learn.

Well for my friend who from the beginning had been a hobby blog, I’m sure of making money from blogs is not a difficult thing to do.

5 steps to make money from blog

Steps to make money from blogs actually did not complicated, it’s just that the process takes patience and persistence of high levels.

There are at least five steps that need to be buddy pass. The steps are:

1. Determine the topic and target audience blog

The first step is to determine the topic and also the target of blog readers.

Before you create a blog buddy, buddy should already know what topics will be discussed on your blog and also determine who the target audience of your blog.

2. Create a blog

After finding a suitable topic of the blog, the next step of course started to create a blog.

If my friend were really still just learning blog, I suggest to create a free blog at

3. Creating quality content

Just having a blog is not enough to make money. Next my friend need to fill your blog with content quality.

Without quality content your blog will not be any visitors. Having a lot of blog visitors is one of the key kesuksesaan a blog.

Please read this post on how to create quality content.

4. Promote your blog

Currently the number of bloggers in Indonesia is very much, which means the competition will be intense.

Only with quality content alone is not enough to be able to get a lot of visitors, my friend also need to promote your blog.

5. Determine the appropriate method of monetization

Well the latter is the use of blogs that have been built with difficulty in order to make money.

This process is commonly called “monetization of blogs”, or the Indonesian language “monetize a blog”

There are so many methods of monetization that can be done, buddy should be able to find the right method for your blog because it is not suitable for all blog monetized in the same way.

Any kind of monetization methods?

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7 How to make money on the most popular blogs

Below is a list of 7 most popular monetization method that is often used by bloggers to make money from their blogs.

Most of monetization methods below’ve ever done, but there are some that I personally have never tried.

But clearly monetization methods below are methods that have been proven.

1. Advertise

The first is the most popular among the most popular, is by placing ads on blogs.

To monetize your blog with ads there are two paths you can choose buddy.

The first is to sign up to the program Advertising Networks or advertising network.

The second is to offer directly to prospective advertisers to advertise on your blog or commonly referred to as Direct Advertising.

advertising Networks

Advertising Networks or network advertising is a service program that connects between advertisers with the owner of the website or blog.

Well if you want to make money from a program like this, my friend simply need to sign up to the program’s advertising network, then later my friend will be given an advertising code that needs to be installed on the blog.

Income earned is usually calculated every time there are people who click on the ads on your blog or commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Advertising Networks program one of the most popular in Indonesia is Google AdSense.

Direct Advertising

Unlike the Advertising Networks, Direct Advertising is a method in which the buddy offers directly to potential advertisers to advertise on your blog.

The advantages of this method is the income of your blog can be much higher because the ads that are installed on the blog is not through a third party intermediary.

Price advertising itself varies, generally match the amount and quality of the end of the blog.

Although the friend can get a higher yield, but this way you could say it’s not easy. The reason is because my friend should be looking for potential advertisers who are willing to advertise on your blog.

2. Paid Review

Paid reviews or paid posts is a monetization method which we earn money by reviewing products or services of people through our blog posts.

Basically there’s no difference with Direct Advertising, Direct Advertising is only the difference if their ads in the form of a banner ad, while paid its advertising in the form of posting a review.

3. Selling your own product

Sell ​​the product itself is one of the best blog monetiasi method that can be done. The reason for selling their own products friend can earn many times greater than using other methods of monetization.

If you use this method you could say my friend does not make money from your blog directly, because the income is from the buddy get selling. While the function of the blog buddy will manage just as a place to promote products that sell pal.

Products that can be sold through the blog is divided into two types.

Ie physical products and digital products.

For physical products almost anything can be sold through the blog. But of course, the product sold must correspond to the topic of your blog.

  • For example, your blog talks about the bird, the bird friend can sell drugs.
  • For example, your blog talks about motivation, motivation friend can sell books.
  • For example, your blog talks about gadgets, my friend can sell gadgets.
  • And so forth

As for digital products that can be sold through the blog usually products such as:

  • EBook (Electronic Book)
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Software
  • Theme Website
  • Plugin
  • design drawings
  • etc.

Selling its own products through blogs certainly not an easy thing. The first mate must have products for sale, the two buddies must find a blog targeted visitors into buying products that sell pal.

4. Selling its own merits

In addition to product buddy could also sell services through the blog. Monetization method is very suitable for my friend who has expertise that can be distributed via the Internet.


  • If the design whiz buddy, my friend can provide design services
  • If my friend at writing, my friend can provide article writing services
  • If my friend was good at making website, my friend can provide website development services
  • etc. is a personal blog that contains tutorials on drawing vector and the blog admin using the blog as a place to promote a vector drawing his services.

5. Following the affiliate program

For my friend who do not have their own product to sell or do not have the skills that can be used as a service, affiliate program is another alternative that can be selected.

Affiliates is a program where we help promote the products or services of others and we will get a commission if we succeed in selling these products.

To join the affiliate program like this friend can search for providers of products or services that provide affiliate program or it could be through an affiliate network.

6. Provide a membership program

Program membership is one monetization method that I personally have never tried.

But this monetization method has been proven to provide a decent income for many bloggers Indonesia and outside the State that has been proved.

Program membership at dasarnnya is a program which provides a buddy on your blog premium content and premium content can only be accesed by the end of which have become a member by paying a sum of money.

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7. Sale blog

The latest of which monetization method is by selling blog.

So pal earn money by creating a blog The blog continues to sell to others.

Weve nothing to buy, Bro?

Outside there are many novice bloggers are lazy to create a blog from scratch. If you have the money they usually prefer to buy ready-made blog.


There are so many ways you can do to make money from blogs. All the methods that I have written above is a method that has been proven.

And believe it or not, other than that I have written above, there are many other ways that can be done, from the way Bener until manner not right.

For my friend who is just learning blog, I believe the information I have given above even make a loss because too much can be selected.

So, what’s next?

My advice, if indeed new pal learn blogging, then do not make money as a main focus. Because I’m sure not going to take a long time friend decided to stop blogging.

For in the early days are better focused to learn blogging first. Although not generate anything, blogging still has many other benefits. Of improving writing skills, become more tech-savvy, and most importantly to help others through writing that we make.

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