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Free Blogging for Beginners Up Can Make Money

What is a Blog?

If my friend was really new in the world of blogs, then the possibility of buddy still do not quite understand what a blog. On the internet actually has many articles that discuss what is a blog, but here I will give only a trivial explanation. Blogs are one of many types of websites available on the internet.

Free Blogging for Beginners Up Can Make Money
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Examples of types of websites on the internet are:

  • News portal (eg,, etc.)
  • Social Networking (eg,, etc.)
  • Search Engine (eg,, etc.).
  • Forum (eg,, etc.)
  • Online Store (for example:,, etc.)
  • ETC.

So what’s the difference blog with other types of websites?

The answer is: A LOT OF DIFFERENCE …

One thing that most distinguishes between blogs with other type of website that is a function of the blog itself.

The main function of the blog in the beginning is to allow people to write personal notes on the internet.

But this time the blog already has a lot of functions. Starting off as a personal note, a place to share opinions and information, for political purposes, to for business purposes.

Why blogging?

Now maybe my friend wondered:

What can I get if I blogging?

Here are some benefits that can mate get if being a blogger:

1. Being a great writer

Honestly, the first time I knew the beginning of my blog, including those who are not so able to write. To just write one sentence me so hard.
It is reasonable considering the background I used was not the one who bependidikan, only junior high school graduates are not very clever, very still pinteran the next door neighbor.
But since becoming a blogger, Alhamdulillah little by little I began to write fluently. Although not exactly nice, but I think it was very unusual.
Well, if my friend alone are people who like to write, then I’m sure if blogging pal pal writing skills will increase and may not be able to become a great writer.

2. Helping others

The benefits of blogging is not just for ourselves, because of the blog we can also help others with the knowledge or the knowledge we have.
Nothing else is more fun than blogging in addition to helping others.

3. Build trust in the internet

When we can help others through blogs then we will be given the trust by our readers for providing information that is useful to them.
Indeed, what is the importance of trust?
I am sure my friend know if the online world is growing. Internet users every day continues to grow and more and more people begin to expand their business in the online world.
One key to the success of online business is trust. Well, a blog is a great place to build that trust.

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4. Build Network

Another benefit is that we can easily build a network through blogs. If our blog is consistently filled with writings that are useful in accordance with our expertise, the more loyal readers who often visit our blog.
If we already have the trust and also an extensive network on the internet, it will be very easy to develop business on the internet.

5. Make Money

The latter of course that the blog can also become a source of income. How to? I will explain in more detail below.

Where to start?

Getting started blogging it was actually very easy, but most people are puzzled by himself.

1. Determine the purpose

Is the purpose of blogging is that important? Very important. If we do not have a goal then it is definitely our blog will be no clear direction of purpose will be where, and we also have been inconsistent in taking care of our blog.
Blogging takes time, energy, and mind. Do not let it all go to waste because it does not have a clear purpose.

2. Determine the topic

Choose a topic that really interested pal accordance with a hobby or expertise pal. If my friend chose a topic that my friend did not much like it, then your blog will not last long.

3. Choose a blogging service

There are so many services that we can use for the blog, such as,,, and other sebagainnya. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. But I think is the right choice for my friend. Besides being free, is very easy to use for beginners.

4. Start writing

If the friend already have a blog then the most important thing is to fill your blog with posts. Start writing whatever you want buddy write according to the topics already buddy specify.

5. Beautify blog

It is actually not so important to be done by a novice blogger but no harm done if the origin is not excessive.
Buddy can change the template or the appearance of your blog with a better, install widgets to be more beautiful to look at, and others. But remember! do not overdo it because most beginner bloggers hooked mutually template or the view that ultimately only a waste of time.

Mistakes are often made novice blogger

After my friend know how to start blogging, then you should listen to some of my friend common mistakes made by novice blogger that my friend does not need to do the same thing the following:

1. Too busy with

As I mentioned a little above, errors are almost done by most beginner bloggers are too busy to see the blog. Mutually templates, plug-detached widgets, etc.
Has a cool blog that is good, but that will make your blog become big and known to many people is not due to the appearance, but because of the content presented on the blog buddy buddy.

2. Concerned quantity than quality

Blogger beginners usually vying to fill the blog with the words as much as possible in the hope of quickly getting a lot of visitors regardless of whether the posting results of write themselves or other bloggers writing trace results.

3. Too much reading the information but lack of practice

As a beginner blogger usually very large curiosity. Read this read it until his head was full of information and confused which one to dipraktekan.Lebih good bit of information but actually practiced than most of the information but it is not used.

4. Inconsistent

In the early days very diligently update the post on a daily basis, but after that it suddenly disappeared somewhere. Update the blog regularly is very good, but consistency seems to me far more important.

5. Discussing too many topics

Is it a problem if discusses many topics? absolutely not. But definitely your blog to flourish, not unique, does not have the identity, and it will be difficult to get loyal readers.

6. Too obsessed with statistics blog

A blogger beginner will usually be very diligent in checking the number of visitors, alexa rank, pagerank, and so forth. The day can check hundreds of times. Though it will not help increase the number of the end of your blog and will only be a waste of time.

7. Make too many blogs

Honest enough bloggers who have experienced that managing many blogs, tens and even hundreds. But especially for a beginner it is not advisable to make too many blogs because it would make no focus.
Although my friend is no longer a beginner I think managing a lot of blogs is not a necessity. All depends on the purpose pal. If my friend wants to create a blog to be popular and enduring, then there is no reason to manage many blogs.

8. Too ambitious to earn money fast

Inevitably many bloggers started blogging because they want to earn money. They assumed wash the money from blogs can be done overnight, but it is not so. It takes time, effort and consistency.
I myself can only make money after two years of blogging. A long time indeed considering I started completely from scratch. Buddy might have been faster or longer. Which obviously takes time, effort and consistency.

9. Do not take advantage of the Google search engine with a maximum

Instead of just a matter of a blog, any information can be found easily on google. So use Google well to learn blogging.

Begin developing a blog

If we already have a blog and some content on it, then of course we want our blog has many readers or visitors. Well here we start malakukan the name of promotion, began to recognize the name of SEO and breast bengeknya.

1. Stay focused to content

Content until whenever will remain a major factor in the success of a blog. Create content that is really good quality. What was it like quality content:
  • Wanted by the reader
  • Unique, different, and original
  • Handy and useful

2. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an attempt to optimize our blog on search engines. If my friend wants to get more visitors to your blog from the search engines then inevitably have to deal with SEO pal.
But my friend does not have to actually be an SEO expert to be mendaptakan visitors from search engines. Simply use a basic understanding of SEO I think I have enough to help increase traffic to your blog from search engines.
I highly recommend my friend to read the beginners guide to SEO from Google. Free SEO is in the form of .pdf files, and can mate download HERE.

2. Blogwalking

Blogwalking are simply the activities berkujung to other people’s blogs while leaving a comment. Blogwalking is a long way is often done by a novice blogger to mandapatkan end, but even today is still effective manner.
In addition to getting the end blogwalking also has many other benefits, including:
  • Bonding relationship with a fellow blogger
  • Getting backlinks is one of the most important factors of SEO
  • Get ideas or inspiration
  • and others

3. Social Media

Inevitably this time most people spend time on social media. Take advantage of good social media as a promotion for your blog.

4. Forum

On the internet many forums that contain people who have a hobby or special interest. Gabunglah into the forums that correspond to the topic of your blog.
At its core is aktiflah where readers often menghabisakan time pal. Buddy can berdikusi with them according to topics of interest and the occasional friend promote your blog. Most importantly do not promote excessive because some forums have strict regulations.

5. Social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a site that functions to bookmark pages that exist on the internet online. Many bloggers use social bookmarking sites as a place to bring visitors and also looking for backlinks.
One of the social bookmarking site of the most popular in Indonesia is Buddy can submit your blog posts to social bookmarking it.

6. Keep Learning

Keep learning to improve the ability of blogging buddy. Take advantage of Google as a search for information that my friend needed.
Join to forums like because a lot of useful tips there.

Making money from blog

If your blog is already big, it has a lot of readers, then it does not hurt to start making your blog as a money-producing machine.

Weve could bro ??? I do not believe it ..

Really could bro. Even the income from the blog can also be extraordinary big bro.
As long as we want to be consistent blogging, earn money from a blog is not impossible although only with the free blog platform.
Linda Ikeji who is a blogger from Nigeria is a simple example of successful obtain a large enough income from a free blog to capitalize consistency.
Income blogger this one reaches 300M / month just from one blog that berlamat in For more information about this successful blogger friend can read it here.
Successful Blogger
Linda Ikeji, Blogger Success of Nigeria
Linda Ikeji whether this is a blogger with the most revenue in the world?
Yes definitely not bro .. if my friend wants to know who the blogger who has the highest income, then the answer is Arianna Huffington.
Own blog The Huffington Post has reached 8 bln income every month. WOW!
Now the question is … how do BRO …. ??
There are so many ways to make money from blogs. Here are some of the most popular ways to make money from the blog:

1. Advertising Network

The most popular way is widely used Indonesian bloggers to make money from blogs is by following the program’s advertising network or Advertising Networks.
By following a program like this we just need to put a script or code into our blog to automatically display the ad.
We get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on our blog, or the term Pay Per Click PPC alias.

Here are some of the most popular Advertising Networks:
  • Google AdSense
  • Chitika
  • IdBlogNetwork (local)
  • Kliksaya (local)
  • and many more

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2. Selling Ad Space in Blog

In addition through the Advertising Networks, we can also offer advertising space on our blog directly to anyone who is interested in advertising on our blog.
The advantages of this method is the income that we get will be more certain, because we ourselves will determine the price.

3. Sell Your Own Products

One of the ways I was doing alone in this blog, that sell their own products. If my friend have their own products, whether it be physical or digital products, will be very mantab if my friend sold it through a blog.

4. Sell Services

Selling services could also be another alternative to make money from blogs. If my friend at writing, then you can try to sell the services of article writing. If the buddy blade design, it can also sells design services. And many more services that can mate to offer through blogs.

5. Join the Affiliate Program

If my friend wants to sell products on their own blogs but do not have a product that can be sold, then the friend can try to follow the affiliate program.
Affiliates is a program where we help market the products of others and we will get their commission on each sale.

6. And many more ..

5 way over only a small part that we can do for being money from blogs. There are still many other methods that are not less good for making money from blogs.


Learn blogging is actually not a difficult thing as long as we have the will. Fault or failure is a natural part of the learning process, so do not worry if maybe this time my friend can not see the results. The most important thing remains consistent.
Nothing feels it turns out this post is already quite long. Hopefully what I wrote above could benefit buddies all, especially for those who want to start to learn blogging.

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