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Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%

Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%. Many of the bloggers who wonder why traffic or visitors to his blog is increasingly declined, if there is one of his blog so that traffic slowly declining? It may have become commonplace in naturally many bloggers in Indonesia, but why this is always in trouble, right?

Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%

Of course, this problem has always been the main topic of the blogger to find the right solution and restore traffic to the condition you want or stable as usual.

I have a little experience stories from my friends who ask to help me out which blogs have decreased Drastic up to 50%, which had been Page view every day got up to 5000 Page View and at that time was only getting about 2500 Page views alone and continue to decline slowly.

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The incident in the feel when posting updates at midnight, usually he’s been doing a check blog traffic at night, he was surprised that his blog was once the traffic is good and started to climb up to 6000’s figures even go down to the numbers are so small.

Had he was confused, and added again got a warning from Google as below. You may have also received a warning letter from Google to be sent from the webmasters you like this?

Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%

Well my friend then send some information that his blog has decreased up to 50% more traffic and keep continuity to almost disappear from the Google search engine, see the following conversation. Sorry my name disguise for privacy.

Well after that I tried to help, but because of my services, so it looks like it is more convenient than in other cases, then began my optimization and fix again the reputation of the site, and only 1 day only blog traffic has returned to Normal.

Well blogging friends, from here we will learn what makes this could happen to my friend on the site?

And also we will learn how to make your site back to normal again, this certainly will be one science or knowledge that is useful to you all.

Now let us consider the direct causes of why blogs can descend Drastic

Here I only discussed the few causes that really Real happen, if broadly can you find on the internet and of course the discussion is also quite similar all. For that we discuss what their course here.

What really makes a blog traffic decreased Drastic?

Indications Plagiarism And Repetition word

Turns out Google was always crawl each page content we own, which many bloggers are forgetting the use of the Content and Images used as a supplement, we take a real example above case, my friend sema did not commit plagiarism articles or content whatsoever.

According to himself he always writes articles according to what he thinks, which means that posts made without Copas made real at all.

then what makes article as Article Copas?

It turns out there are some articles that too much use Image From Google and forgot to turn it on, and also some information about the tutorial content is the same with the other tutorial content.

Be it from the script code and so forth, of course is a big problem that must be overcome, and difficult if the post is already a lot we do not know which ones we have to change.

Blogging activity that violates rules

Then the second cause, as I saw both the webmaster and trying to be admin Blog to him, there are some blogging activity that turned against the rule.

There is a setting that turns robots.txt changed and modified to avoid Duplicate Content.

This is also against the rules of crawling the site itself, Google never told to do Modifications Robot.txt on setting webmaster and Blogger.

because it is automatically routed by Google itself.

Try no check whether your blog Mobile Friendly responsive, yet your position using Modified Settingan Robot.txt, of course Google will be refused on the grounds that kusus “Error in crawl”

 Never repair sites 404 Not Found

Maybe some Blogger sometimes do not know what 404 crawl errors, which usually happens in our blog, more and more sites are experiencing Not Found or do not find the content at all, this is an indication of spam on the blog that will be received by the search engine.

This means that the more mistakes made tantamount mislead users of the site to open the link of your article errors.

And of course this will immediately respond by search engines, the search engine was blocked from your content information. in fact if you’ve done a cleansing of all site error indication this will not happen.

Many Script Code

Furthermore, for those of you who like to modify the template better reduce this activity, which is getting you frequently modify the template then reduce the crawling of search engines to search across all content in your blog.

Several sources explained that the crawl is done the search engine in accordance with the directions read our eyes yaiu from the top left to the bottom right, if there is some code that is completely contrary to a search system that could make the crawl failed miserably and only got part of it, for the crawl is wrong is always at the input to the Error Seacrh at Webmaster.

and into the SERP Database Engine, and therefore sometimes you feel confused, why can occur many mistakes when you did not know the cause.

Content and keyword spamming

Then the second in because too much use keywords that are repeated, often I have seen too many articles that uses keywords that are repeated, Turned on some blogs that use repetitive keywords do not understand what the function of the search description.

There also understand but not speak it very well. often I see an article with a description containing key words, actually it is not relevant to the search results on search engines.

in fact it’s useless if you made a row of keywords in the article content but in the description of the content you search by using another sentence.

Here’s how the search description: when you do not fill the description of manual search will automatically retrieved by the search engine, which they will be directly from crawling all keywords in your article content.

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Well at crawl time that they will find lots of keyword stuffing or repetitive content like this will not last long.

But if you use the manual search description then you will find you relevant.

And the search robots will focus to a description which you have created, tambahanya by crawling keywords that you create in the article content. Simply put, manual Description active, more relevant searches.

Description of non-active, relevant search but did not last long (Cause: many keyword repetitions). I hope you can understand

Other Causes:

  • Random article
  • infected Virus
  • Most articles go in Sandbox
  • Ok then how are we going to fix sites that decreased traffic or visitors like that? Let us examine together.

How To Overcome Blog Experiencing Decrease in Traffic (Personal Experience)

Check the warning and command From Webmaster

Usually if the decline in traffic that occurs as my friend above will be send multiple email messages from the webmaster is essentially a warning to your blog which already began to disappear from the search engines, do not ignore the warning or google will actually remove your blog from search engines ,

Understand what the warning and what his orders. If from the above blog problem because some content spam and also an indication of plagiarism.

What do I do first?

Remove Content On Decline Happens When

The first one I do to solve the problems of my friends is to remove content articles which at the time he made it and fell in the evening or the next day, this affects the visitor blog actually but it did not matter because if not resolved even more fatal consequences ,

I remove the 2 content in the manner or the correct procedure, through the webmaster.

I wiped clean until no longer appear in Google SERP.

Submit blog Back to webmaster

Then the second one I did submit a link back to the blog webmaster, you should remember here that submit enough BLOG link.

to issue the article content better not submit beforehand, but prepare beforehand content with many words eg 1000 real words of your own thoughts and also use artificial image of your own.

it was much better.

Wait until one day

The next step is to wait for a reply from Google, if google reply to why we have to prioritize your site, if your site has been repaired?

Well this is usually in English, no need to fear, submit comparative tests using Indonesian as I did in the screenshot that I gave to my friend, Google would crawl back, and wait until one day.

Update Your Blog

At the time of comparative tests, then create one original article that already I mentioned earlier, make sure all the original from your hands to type it.
Secret Techniques ??

Of course there is, I’ve been more than one year to learn this, but I can not give it to you.

Relax next time I will give freely to all of you, of course, for the faithful visit this blog.

Now that’s how to overcome blog Drastically declining by 50% and also penybebabnya, hopefully can provide useful information for you bloggers. His comments do not forget the well. Thanks.

If you have any problems regarding your blog, ask directly in the comments I will answer as I could.

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