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15 Ways to Increase Blog Visitors

Although blogging pal just for fun, if a blog flood of visitors definitely going to happy.

Yes, right?

17 Ways to Increase Blog Visitors
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Especially for those who want to make money from blogs, increase visitors to the blog is a must. If the blog visitors each course, the more money that can be generated.

Only question is, how is actually how to increase blog visitors?

This question is one of many the most frequent questions I get. Whether it’s in the mail, blog comments, facebook, anywhere.

So in this post I will try to answer these questions according to what I know and I believe.

Ok, yes …

Why is my blog empty visitors?

Before I give tips to increase blog visitors, not hurt us start out by figuring out what might be the cause why your blog empty.

Based on the experience I have, here are a few things that I think is often a barrier to a blog can get a lot of visitors:

1. Just learn blogging yesterday afternoon

Obvious cause for learning new blogging and do not have much experience on the blog.

Creating a blog is easy, everybody could do it, but to create a blog to be popular and get a lot of visitors is not an easy thing.

If you feel the new learn blogging, it does not need to be confused or worry if the blog is still empty. It is quite natural for all takes time and process.

But if my friend had long blogging and blogs still empty, then something might be wrong with the way ngeblognya. The solution can be further please read.

2. Expect the visitors going to come alone

Buddy must have heard a blogger who give advice like this:

Diligent in updating wrote, later visitors going to come alone

Actually there’s nothing wrong with that advice, just in my opinion is less precise and can be misleading.


If blogging buddy 10 years ago are still effective way possible because it had not been so many bloggers. Besides blogs diligently updates tend to get a good ranking in Google.

But right now? capital only diligent in updating just not gonna be enough. There are still many other things that need to be considered, one of which is the promotion blog the right way.

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3. Content ordinary only

One key to a successful blog is quality content in it. If my friend wants to get more visitors then first consider the quality of the content on your blog.

Especially if your blog topic that is already very crowded by competition, if the content on your blog is mediocre, it will end will only sink in the midst of intense competition.

If you feel the content on your blog is still a lot that needs to be repaired, the focus used to improve the content so much better, do not think too much about how his blog so swamped with visitors.

Do not forget to read my post titled: 10 tips to write blog articles so that readers preferred

4. Consider all the same blog

In the post I challenge how to make money from my blog once explained that the blog has a lot of types. Yups, not all blogs are the same, ranging from purpose, topic, target audience, and others vary from one blog to another blog.

Well because every blog is different, then promotion strategies also vary. There is effective use of this method, there is no effective way to use it, and others.

If my friend wants her blog to get a lot of visitors, so my friend should be familiar with these differences, the reason that my friend could find the right promotional strategy for your blog itself.

Some other causes …

In addition to some of the above, there are many other things that might be the cause why blogs empty. One is the technical problem as messy design blog and also blogs super heavy loading.

But four things I mentioned above in my opinion is the most important.

How to increase your blog visitors

Well now part was waiting for my friend, that tips you can do to improve your blog visitors.

Some of the tips that I will give below already I apply on my own blog, but some are not or have not I apply.

Please direct listened to ya …

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Doing search engine optimization or SEO is a great way to increase visitors to the most popular blogs are almost done by all bloggers

How come?

Because search engines are the biggest source of traffic blogs on the Internet. In addition, suitable SEO be applicable to all types of blogs. Whether it’s a niche blog, micro blog nice, gado-gado blog, news blog, business blog, a personal blog, a blog of any kind.

But even then I do not know why there are some bloggers who assume that SEO is important and not just a waste of time.

SEO is important bro …. !!!

Just indeed, learn SEO is not easy because SEO is always changing from time to time. It takes persistence, patience, and unyielding spirit in order to master the science of SEO.

But … whether to get visitors from search engines should be an SEO expert?


It is sometimes a lot of bloggers who misunderstand, especially novice blogger. To get visitors from search engines buddy not have to be an expert SEO, SEO experts, SEO master, or whatever. Enough with the basic level of SEO techniques is enough to help your blog get visitors from search engines.

2. Promotion via Social Media

Many already know that social media is the second largest source of traffic after the search engine, but not least also frequently complain like this:

 I already share the link on facebook status but why not have visitors who stopped by?

 I’ve been spreading the link on the facebook group but quiet aja kok tetep blog?

Just like SEO, promotion through social media is also a science, not as easily spread through the link status continues to blog instantly swamped with visitors.

Here I would not give details on how the effective promotion through social media, but there are some important principles that need to know if my friend wanted to promote the blog via social media.

  • Quite active in the social media course
  • Choose a social media friend liked her personally, or adjust the target audience of your blog. If the target visitors more active on Twitter then aktiflah at Twitter.
  • Use social media to its name
  • Do not use social media solely to promote your blog, because I believe that not gonna effective way. Use social media as the name suggests, is for social activities.
  • Wake up the reader first, then promotions
  • That gini, banyakin first number of a friend or follower pal social media accounts after the new promotion.

3. Comment on other people’s blogs (blogwalking)

Commenting on other people’s blogs is arguably the easiest way to increase visitors to the blog. Almost all bloggers would never do it. I used too.

Although this may not be able to make your blog directly kayak crowded market, but in my opinion is quite important, especially for novice bloggers.

I still remember very well when this blog received a comment from a visitor for the first time, visitors tesebut nah I get results from commenting on other people’s blogs.

From the first comment is exactly what makes my spirit and could eventually consistent blogging until now.

4. Divide the free

Everyone likes free, even for me. Because of this, giving away free on a blog can be an effective way to increase visitors to the blog.

This is how I have applied since the beginning of this blog I created. Some of my friend must have known that I giving away Free Blogger Templates Blog and Zombie free.

Of course many other things that can be distributed free of charge in addition to the blog template and blog blogger zombies.


  • ebook
  • Software
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Photo
  • design Image

5. Concerned with visitors

It’s also one that I have done since I first made this blog, which is concerned with the visitors.

Examples of those concerns could be like replying to comments, reply to emails from visitors, and also giving away free like I mentioned in point number 4.

Every little bit of your blog visitors today, if my friend concerned with visitors is not impossible that a little visitor could be the gateway for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other visitors.

6. Writing on another blog

Although I’ve never used this way, but the writing on other people’s blogs or guest posting is a pretty effective way to attract readers, especially if your blog is new.

Maybe my friend wondered:

If you can write on the blog itself why should write on another blog?

Because no matter how cool or how handsome the content on your blog, if your blog is still new then most likely there is not gonna read.

Well if you write quality content on the blogs of others who already have a lot of readers, then the friend can attract the attention of readers of the blog to be visiting your blog is still new. And finally my friend get a free reader.

In addition to attract readers, guest posting mantab also famous as one of the strategies to get quality backlinks for free. Anyway mantab really.

7. Active in forum

Forums can also be a great place to attract visitors. But of course the promotion of a blog on the forums also not be arbitrary.

Find forums that correspond to the topic of your blog and aktiflah in it by answering questions or making threads useful.

8. Active in question and answer site

Question and answer site actually almost did not make any difference to the forum, only more focused this site as a place for each question and answer.

Buddy can be active at a site like this by answering the questions that exist, of course, he includes the address of your blog if necessary.

Some question and answer site popular are:

  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Quora
  • etc.

9. Submit the article on the social bookmarking site

As well as a way to get free backlinks, social bookmarking sites can also be used as a source for getting visitors.

Not a bit loh bloggers who get thousands of visitors per day just by relying on social bookmarking sites.

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10. Upload the video on Youtube

Youtube is the most visited websites in the world’s third order under Google and Facebook. It certainly makes youtube is one other source that did not lose cool to get visitors to the blog.

Buddy can upload a video on youtube about matters related to the topic on your blog.

11. Create a post title is “tempting”

Post title is the first part that is read by visitors to the blog. If the title does not attract and impress postingannya boring, then the chances of blog visitors are going to run away first before reading her post.

Besides the title of the post is “teasing” can also make people who previously did not intent to read became curious because look at the titles that are so “tease” them.

12. Create posts that are HOT

HOT HOT I do not mean that it was, but the idea to write a topic posts ngetrend.

For I know what topic you wrote ngetrend, my friend can pantengin Google Trends.

13. Create controversial posts

This method can be very effective to invite many visitors because of controversial postings very easy to spread, especially with the help of social media. But it is also quite risky.

If my friend would like to use this way, my friend had to really understand what my friend wrote, and should be ready by the negative effects (getting a lot of haters).

14. Advertise PPC

I think there is rarely bloggers who blog promotion with advertising on PPC, the reason is certainly because they have ngeluarin capital.

But if my friend had a lot of money, it does not hurt to advertise PCC.

In this case my friend could use the service from Google called Google AdWords.

15. Advertise on other people’s blogs

Or if you do not want complicated, buddy could also put ads directly on your blog or website to others.

Keep the blog buddy pasangi ads have the same topic, or at least related.


After reading the above posts may now you confused:

Approximately which one should I do?

If new pal learn blogging, then I suggest using the method according to the easiest first mate. Well, if later had quite a lot of experience about the new blog deh tried manner somewhat difficult.

If only  simple way just can not?

Can. which is important to be patient to wait for years until her blog crowded.

why had to wait a long time?

Because of the difficulty level of how that is done is usually directly proportional to the results obtained.

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How To Visitor Traffic Blog Stable or even ride Although rarely Post

Posted in blog regularly and consistently is one of the obstacles often faced a blogger.

No matter old or new bloggers would often experience a sense of lazy, did not have an idea, is not got no inspiration or passion to write a post on his blog.

Especially for bloggers who do not have a background as my hobby of writing, every day feels kepengin stop blogging alone.

Image result for blog traffic
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It’s been no secret that the more diligent usually posts blog visitors will also increase. But even then it does not mean posting diligently to be the only way to increase visitors to the blog.

Buddy can still increase visitors to the blog or at least create a blog visitor traffic stabilized although rarely post on the blog.

this Blog is a simple example of a blog that is rarely post but hardly ever decreasing visitor traffic, even every month is always increasing.

What’s the secret?

Jump listened wrote below.

Create Evergreen Content

Some of my friend might just heard the term Evergreen Content. The purpose of Evergreen Content here is a piece of content (content = posts) fixed relavan though read anytime, or trivial language stale content is not easy.

Most of the posts on this blog is Evergreen Content that is certainly the reason why this blog traffic stable ride even though I never post for weeks to months.

Here are some examples of articles that could be called the Evergreen Content:

1. Articles or Tutorial

Guide or tutorial article is an article that teaches step by step to do a thing.

Sample article or tutorial guide of the most widely read in this blog are the Learning Guide to Make Money Blogging.

Article 2. Definitions

In this blog you could say there is no article of this type, but in the future I would like to fill out more of this blog article definition.

Articles definition here means is an article that explains the meaning, purpose or concept of a thing.

For example, the topic of this blog is about blogging, then I could write an article about “What is a Blog?”

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Maybe my friend wondered, the definition of the existing article on Wikipedia complete, why make articles like this model?

Indeed, most of the article can be found in the Wikipedia definition, but it would be smarter if we can explain something in the style of the language itself.

Because most people are lazy to read Wikipedia because of the style of language used not easy to read and difficult to understand.

3. Articles List

This is kind of my favorite article, the article list. The article is a list of articles that display a list of some things. Articles of this type are usually found in the title number.

Here are some examples of a list articles in this blog:

  • 12 Best Blog in Indonesia In A Wide Range Of Topics
  • 17 Ways to Increase Blog Visitors
  • 20 Beginner SEO Mistakes to Avoid
  • 4. And others …

There are many more types of other articles that could be an Evergreen Content.

It is important to keep in mind when you want to make Evergreen Content is content to make sure if we make a lot of looking for it.

Useless if we make a post that is not easy stale but there was no demand.

Update existing content

Many bloggers who think to update the blog we have to publish a new post, but to update the blog can also update existing posts.

So while it does not have an idea we can use the time we have to update existing posts. For instance fix a typo, make it more complete, or update the information in it.

There are several benefits that can be obtained if we consistently update the postings on our blog:

Make postings to be more qualified from time to time
Got a good ranking on Google because Google likes a quality article and also up-to-date.
Of course, if it gets good grades will have an effect to increase visitor traffic.
Upgrade Promotion Blog

The last one I think is most important but many bloggers are not too mementingkannya, namely the promotion of the blog.

Blogging is not just a matter of how diligently posting articles on the blog, but also about how vigorous in promoting the blog.

If in our blog is filled content not easily stale, then the next we have to promote that content so the more you read.

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Rather than spend the time to make new posts better time to be used to promote existing content. I think this way is much more effective.

Please read my post on how to increase blog visitors to find ways to promote your blog.


The conclusion is clear, my friend did not have to post articles blindly so blog visitors is increasing. But even then it does not mean after reading this post my friend can instantly idled for posting articles on the blog.

If it is able to post articles diligently then it would be great, but if it was not capable (for a reasonable cause) then it is better not forced. Use the ways that I have written above.

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10 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name To Blog

Choosing the right domain name is one of the things that is important when you want to build a blog (or website).

A blogger blogging beginners just learning usually ill-advised when want to choose a domain name (including me first).

10 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name To Blog
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1. Do not use a free domain name

The first thing to note is best not to use a free domain.

Free domain typically is often sought by beginner bloggers can not wait kepengin use their own domain name but do not have the money or pretended not have money to pay for a paid domain.

The free domain for example like Tk .GA, .ML, etc.

Indeed why, Bro? If there are free why should you buy?

If my friend wants to build a blog to be managed seriously then put on a free domain name is the less intelligent.

The reason:

  • Free Domain’m not entirely free, usually just free the first year or no hidden requirements. One time my friend could lose access to domain pal without notice (I’ve been there)
  • Free domains are often used by blogs spam. Someday to get banned by Google (past had never happened)
  • Ugly, not professional, not cool

2. Forget EMD, select a domain brandable

what is EMD and brandable bro?

EMD or Exact-Match Domains is a domain that use targeted keywords to rank in the search engines.

For example my friend wants to target the keywords “How to Make Cake” well friend could use Exact-Match Domains “”

While brandable domain is a domain name that is more about branding rather than keywords. Trivial example like,,, etc.

For about EMD vs brandable domain actually still a debate among bloggers. Some argue EMD better because it can help improve ranking in search engines, there is also the opinion that the brandable domain is much nicer.

I personally prefer to use instead of using a domain brandable domain is solely to catch keyword.

The first reason because I think the Exact-Match Domains is not so greatly affect the ranking in search engines, especially Google.

Both because of Exact-Match Domains is synonymous with web-web spam and low quality web sites.

No wonder that in 2012 Google yesterday updated its algorithm to reduce web Exact-Match Domains low-quality search results.

Continue if means using keywords in the domain name was ugly?

Not at all, my friend still can use keywords in the domain name of origin instead of Exact-Match Domains.

Examples such as the online store website These domains contain the keyword “store”, but still there is an element brandingnya.

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3. Do not use a trademark in your domain name

This one usually is often overlooked by when registering a domain name.

Though using the trademarks or registered trademarks of others in the domain name can be risky blog we are required by the trademark owner.

For example my friend make a blog with domain name, it is not possible later Google will contact the party pal to sue 500m fines for using their trademark without permission.

So check first before registering a domain name if the domain name contains a select buddy trademark or not.

4. Select the extension .COM, .NET or ccTLD

When my friend try to find a domain name to find a domain with the extension .COM. The reason for this domain extension is the most popular on the internet.

Most people who still lay on the internet assume all internet website address in tow wearing .COM. So in order to not confuse the layman, use a .COM extension.

If the friend does not find a domain name that fits with the extension .COM, the alternative could be to use the .NET extensions (the second most popular domain extension).

But if .COM and .NET nobody fits, the third alternative is to use a ccTLD.

Most people would recommend .ORG as a third alternative, but I would recommend the ccTLD for .ORG less suitable for installation on the blog.

What the ccTLD?

ccTLD stands for Country Code Top-Level Domains, a domain extension devoted to particular countries.


  • .id = Indonesia
  • .de = Germany
  • .es = Spain
  • .in = India
  • .jp = Japan
  • .DLL = Abbreviation of “And Everything Else”

5. Create a domain name as unique as possible

Make a buddy domain name as unique as possible, do not imitate an existing domain name.

For example, your blog talks about technology, then try not to use the word “Techno” in the domain name.

Because as far as I have seen are very many tech blogs that use the word “Techno” in the domain name.

I think it is too market.

6. Ensure easily typed, remember and pronounce

In addition to the unique, pal select the domain name must also be easily typed, remember and pronounce. It is important to help us in blog promotion, particularly the promotion of offline.

Here are some tips to mate easily typed domain name, remember, and pronounced or 3D.

  • Avoid the use of numbers (example:
  • Avoid using dashes or symbols is not clear (eg
  • Avoid using words that are spelled differently (eg or
  • Avoid using domain names that are too long (example:
  • etc.

7. Do not choose a domain name based on the trend

This one actually depends on the topic of your blog. If the topic of your blog is specifically only discuss topics ngetrend course, it did not really matter if you choose a domain name that adapts to the trend.
For example in 2015 yesterday ngetrend really the name of agate, nah friend could use a domain name such as if indeed the topic of your blog specifically discuss about agate.
But if my friend would like to create a blog about other stones and will be managed for the long term, it would be smarter not to use the name of agate in the domain name.
Because not agate will remain popular in the years ahead.

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8. Do not use the former domain

Domain how former point, bro?

Former domain I mean here is the domain name has previously unscheduled on behalf of others but the domain is already expired and can be registered again.
Actually not a problem if we use a domain that has been registered, only sometimes the former domain of web spam, pornography, viruses or other bad contents.
Besides not least also the former domain that has been banned by the search engine Google, or even banned Google AdSense, which means that my friend uses the domain of your blog’m not going to appear in search engines and also can not be monetized with Google AdSense.
So when a friend looking for a domain name and find a cool domain name that has not been registered, soon to be checked because it is likely that domain is the domain of the former.
To check the former domain simply log in to type the domain name that you want, then click Search.
If there appear the words “Deleted And Available Again” means that domain is the domain of the former.
Domain bekas

For checking whether the domain had been banned AdSense or not staying in just to

9. Register a domain in a trusted place

Tips on choosing a domain name that I mentioned above are very important, but there is one more thing that is no less important, is choosing a reliable register a domain name.

Do not let my friend registered the domain name in place Abal Abal only for reasons of cost or because there are big discounts-gedean.

Of course, my friend did not want to lose access to domain friend have for providers of domain names to disappear without a trace, either because of bankruptcy or because of other reasons. is one of the trusted domain name provider that I recommend.

Know reliable where,Bro?

  • It has been established since 2002
  • Many are the make sure
  • Domain prices reasonable
  • It has been accredited by ICANN
  • 10. Tips of my friend here …

10. Tips from you..

Perhaps only until the number 9 Any tips on choosing a domain name that I can convey.

So that the tips of his even to 10 (ten) I want my friend to fill in the comments field.


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why many bloggers who discuss niche blogging ?

First learned the first time blogging I always wondered in our hearts like this:

Why why so many blogs that the contents of the blog, tutorial blog lah, lah blogging tips, tricks blogging lah?

Even I myself also chimed writing tutorial blog when I did not have much experience on the blog.

Ngeblog tentang Blog
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The reason why many bloggers are blogging about blogs
After a long time I’ve started blogging finally find the answers to these questions.
Well below are some of the reasons that I think makes a lot of bloggers are blogging about blogs.

1. Because they (and I) love the bandwagon

The most obvious reason is because most bloggers beginners like me-too, not to mention my own. See tutorial blog blogs are so popular, many comments, alexa ranking slim, to be honest it makes me kepengin can have a blog that is popular as it is. I’m sure everyone also kepengin.
Indeed, there’s nothing wrong if we kepengin bandwagon, but to create a popular blog and get a lot of visitors actually do not need to discuss on the blog. Many other topics out there that can still be selected.

2. Because they do not know any other topics besides blog

As already little I mentioned above, in the blog actually we can write about anything, the topic is not at all limited. But because most beginner bloggers too often read blogs tutorial blog, then finally formed a mindset or way befikir in the head that the only topic that can be discussed in the blog ya just blog.
I am sure my friend knew the popular Australian blogger named Darren Rowse blog owner. Darren Rowse is touted as his father blogger in the world because of his blog that discusses blogging tips.
Well many thought Darren Rowse be successful because of his blog address at Though not at all.
Indeed very popular and I am sure the produce is not a small income. But most make Darren Rowse is the success of his blog address at
Blog that discusses the topic of digital photography has 800ribu more RSS subscribers and reached 700 thousand fans on facebook. Very different from the

3. Because they are happy to write what is being learned

Blogger blogging beginners just learning means, well, if a new study is cool-blogging usually asiknya reading the articles on the blog. Because so asiknya until writing what is being learned in his own blog.

Is it wrong?

Absolutely not.
Only problem is, is able to consistently write articles on the blog? is able to compete with blogs first popular?
Well most novice bloggers only spirit in the beginning. When they realized that a blog on a popular blog is not easy, they began not spirit and finally stop blogging.
So what this blog discusses tips on blogging, what is also due to the bandwagon?
If my friend Nanya this question in 2011 ago, then the answer is, YES.
But if my friend Nanya now, then the answer is, NO.
The reason why this blog discusses blogging tips not because I kepengin bandwagon, but for no particular reason.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Because I was selling template blogger

Beginning the first time I made this blog, I did not have a clear objective. Chimed in writing tutorial blog that I myself do not understand what I wrote.
I started blogging because they are lazy to merely follow along, I decided to write anything on this blog in accordance with what I like, ranging from technology, football, until the topics are not clear.
After quite a long time to manage a blog with a topic that is not clear and the objectives not obvious, I was getting confused because visitors do not ride-up, the list continues AdSense rejected. Worse, once I was blogging using HP Nokia C2-01.
Well finally showed up with an idea to sell template blogger because I used the edit-edit template hobby blogger.

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Honestly I’m not a blogger who design experts especially coding, but I was desperate with all the skills that I have to sell a blogger template. My main expectation is that can get a little money to buy a laptop.
Long story short I ended up selling my first premium blogger template named “Mas Sugeng Blogger Template” But the template I sell are not in this blog, but in forum
Thank God, in the beginning there are some people who buy, but after it was deserted because I got banned from the forum the grounds selling misplaced.
The money I get from selling template blogger in forum only about a few hundred thousand. Obviously is simply not enough to buy a laptop.
Because what I’m trying to sell my premium blogger template on his own blog. But what are the results? deserted nobody bought. The reason is obvious because my blog is not clear.
WELLL …… .. that was the beginning why I decided to focus this blog as a place to share the experience of blogging in the form of tips and tutorials that this blog can get targeted visitors from among bloggers.
The result is what?
I sell templates that are selling well. Not intended arrogant or something, but from the initial intention that only pengin can buy a laptop, I could even buy a computer, motors, land, and most importantly make his parents.

2. Because I like it

The last reason because personally I was pleased to learn things related about blogging, like writing, internet marketing, SEO, and so forth.
I’ve discussed the topic of blogging about three years, but until now I have not been bored or lazy in fact quite the opposite. I think there are very many that I can learn and can be shared on this blog.


In this post I actually do not kepengin vent, but hopefully still be taken advantage.
What I can tell by what I have written above is:
Be yourself and do not like to imitate others if my friend was True like can take advantage of the blog buddy governance.
AdSense is not the only way to make money from blogs. My simple example that makes money from selling template blogger.
But remember … if my friend interested in selling template blogger since joining in me, then I do not warrant going to be able to achieve the same result.
There are many other methods of making money from blogs that may still not much to know.
Back when the first start I was selling template blogger, very few people who sell templates blogger, and I do not know if there will be sold or not. As my friend you know, an awful lot out there for free blogger templates provider cool-cool.

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All About AdChoices, What is AdChoice? How history?

AdChoices is a self-regulatory program based internet-based online advertising in the United States, Canada and throughout Europe. The program calls for advertising companies to establish answers to the privacy practices for interest-based advertising. The goal is to give consumers transparency and improve controls. Companies adhere to a set of principles that are upheld by the accountability program.

All About AdChoices, What is AdChoice? How history?
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“Interest-based advertising” selectively displaying ads based on your browsing history, especially the use of cookies. For users who are most likely to identify with and respond to specific ad content. AdChoices icon is automatically generated by the company part of a self-regulatory program. And is intended to demonstrate to consumers when advertising data collected or used.

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By clicking on the icon (usually found in the upper right corner of the online advertising), consumers can learn more about advertising or collection practices of a website. And given the ability to opt out of targeting.

history of AdChoices

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission began looking into internet advertising platform and suggested that the industry developed guidelines for self-regulation. Among them:

  • The American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
  • The American Advertising Federation (AAF)
  • The Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
  • The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB), and
  • The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)

Joined together to form the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. Alliance managing the program called the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). The DAA’s AdChoices program was launched in October 2010.

In July 2013, additional principles launched by the DAA to cope with interest-based data collected from smartphones and tablets to provide consumer choice mechanism for the web environment. In February 2015, officially launched AppChoices DAA, opt-out application for mobile devices.

In September 2013, the Canadian version of the AdChoices program launched by the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC). Which consists of a set of marketing and communications trade associations such as the US, to be addressed to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) released guidelines for online behavioral advertising. AdChoices program can be implemented consistently with Canadian privacy laws and guidelines OPC’s base interest advertising.

participation Participants

AdChoices self-regulatory program has more than 200 participants. The most prominent participant is Google Inc., which uses label AdChoices on Google Adsense ads. Other participants include Facebook, Yahoo !, Aol, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, AT & T, Bloomberg, Comcast, Conde Nast, Dow Jones, General Motors, Taboola and many others.


A study conducted by Parks Associates and discussed in AdAge found that three years after the introduction of the AdChoices icon, most consumers are not aware of it. And in fact, the awareness has grown only 5% in 2011 to 6% in 2013. According to a survey from 2015 TRUSTe.

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However, research also shows that awareness of the AdChoices icon is part of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for OBA (Online Based Advertising). Jumped to 37% -. a significant increase from 21% the previous year. The program gives users more control over their online advertising experience with the option to choose from private targeting “

How to Sign up Chitika ads AdChoices

Many of the bloggers so switching to various ppc ads that exist at the moment because of the rejection of Google Adsense.Salah Eang them is Chitika ads.
And especially this one ad which supports Indonesian.
If you are interested in the publisher can register with open
Once you are on the yard Chitika
  • Select Join
  • The Contents of your data in accordance with the available column
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  • After The Click Join Us!
then you will get a notification via email that you used when signing up for an account and verify your email like image below
src google images
Upon notification above
-Click Verify Your Email Address, then you will notice menadapat approximately 24 hours
If your blog is approved by Chitika ad and you receive a notification via email to you, like the picture below.
src google images
If demikian.Congratulation for you. Now you can log in to retrieve the Chitika ad code.
  • After Login, Click Setup to get the ad code
Advertising can be selected according to taste what we want.
  • Alternate Ad URL “fill in the url of your blog and GET CODE to retrieve the code.
  • Login To your Blogger dashboard
Select Add a Gadget, paste your ad code that you select.
Save and welcome your own blog ads.

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7 The fear that Jeopardize Blog (and fix)

Build a successful blog is the desire of all bloggers. However, why many blogs are not merged? One factor is the fear that descend the blog owner that negatively impact on his blog. Below is the seventh fear of endangering blog, complete with how to cope.

7 The fear that Jeopardize Blog (and fix)
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1. Fear of posts-Copas

Undeniably, the posts (articles) quality is the cornerstone in building a successful blog in the long term. Write a post like that takes energy and time because a lot of things that need to be prepared and carried out. Not surprisingly, a number of bloggers give up on these conditions.

Not on writing skills, but fears that the post berkualitasnya to copy and paste (Copas) others. Such fears may be, “I’m tired-tired to write quality posts, others by clicking Copas good as his stomach my posting. Worse yet, the Copas posting higher position than my post on Google. And so, I am lazy to write quality posts anymore “.

Such fear harm your blog in the long term. Why? Because blog posts you will run out of quality, terberngkalai, or flooded with postings perfunctory.

The solution?

First, keep writing quality posts. Focus your energy and your time to write, not to think of others who will shortly Copas your posts. Thus, you will continue to have a positive vibe in developing your blog.

Second, be kind sangkalah to Google. Why? Because sooner or later, Google will give you a much better position for the post-post-owned quality original authors.

Third, share your posts on social media accounts as soon as possible. For example, after you publish your post, go directly to Twitter, Facebook, or Google + and share these postings. Thus, you have a strong social proof that you are the original author of the posts. Perhaps this activity will help when you file a DMCA to Google.

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2. Fear rejected Google AdSense

AdSense takutGoogle suspected of having high standards in reception blogs that will show their ads. Only blogs that are standards they are approved. Of course, for some bloggers, it became frightened that continues to haunt so that they are lazy or reluctant to submit their blogs to Google AdSense.

Are you a blogger like that? If yes, here is the solution:

  • Just ask your blog. Accepted or not, that’s another thing.
  • If not received, read carefully the reasons Google AdSense team. The reason for their popularity, fix your blog as soon as possible.
  • Ask your blog back to them

3. Fear of visitors has not increased

The third fear is not increased visitor. This fear makes you lazy develop your blog because they feel there is no point in writing a new post, reply to reader comments, and so on. Impact, your blog will become a mediocre blog.

The solution?

First, diversification of sources of your visitors. If you have been relying on visitors from search engines to do experiments with capture visitors from social media.

Second, build cooperation with well-known bloggers. One form is by becoming a guest author on their blogs.

Third, continue to develop according to plan your your blog. Leave aside whether or not the number of visitors increases, but focus on the existing visitor. They will appreciate your efforts, no matter how small the effort.

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4. Fear of time consumed

Developing blogs, especially blogs devoted to making money, it takes time to write a post, answering visitor questions, share your social media posts, and so on. Of course, these activities will take your time to your family or your job (if you are a part-time blogger).

You fear consumed the time to develop your blog? If yes, solutions may be appropriate are:

Allocate an hour a day of your time to develop your blog. When is the time? It depends on your routine. Can be morning, afternoon, or evening.
Recruit employees to work on tasks that are not blogging or marketing you can do.

5. Fear of not making money

“I want to switch to self-hosted WordPress blog, but afraid of my blog will not make money,” said blogger who contacted me via email. You like it too?

If yes, the solution is to rent hosting now. It is the ONE THING you. Blogs are making money or not is another HAL. By renting hosting, both of the hosting provider or abroad, you will be “forced” to manage the blog professionally because you do not want your money lost in vain.

6. Fear compete with other bloggers

If you’ve penetrated the world of blogs, you will see blogs success setopik with you. Sometimes, the success of these blogs makes you afraid to compete with them. The reason is diverse, ranging from age complained to no talent. In other words, you are defeated before the fight because it seems like there is no other way to defeat them.

The solution to overcome this fear is:

  • Assume the competition is a normal thing that will make your blog more developed
  • Synergy with those of your competitors. The form can refer their postings on blogs or social media accounts you
  • Confident that you can succeed like them (and even surpass) because success is the right of all people, not a right handful of people
  • Identifying gaps blogs setopik success with your blog. For example, they have not discussed a particular topic or topics not yet complete reviews. After that, take action by writing the topic as possible

7. Fear PageRank down

PageRank (PR) for a number of bloggers is its own prestige. They fear her homework down when their posts mem-backlink posting other people that are relevant to posting. Although it should be mem-backlink, they put a nofollow attribute to the posts of others.

If you have a fear like that, here is the solution:

Remove prestige PR. Nowadays, PR is not the main factor that will increase the amount of your income
Give the backlink dofollow attribute to post someone else that you think is good and relevant to your post. This will help you in building a personal branding and or networking with other bloggers. Remember, a simple formula for building a true networking is giving before receiving
In conclusion, many fear that came to mind while starting and developing a blog. If left unchecked, these fears will limit or even a blog to keep you from success. Therefore, eliminate one by one (gradually) tesebut fear now.

Fears let alone ever you have and how to solve it?

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7 Powerful Ways Change New Visitor Visitor Being Loyal

If you want to earn more money from your blog, you need loyal visitors. By having a loyal visitor, you do not have to painstakingly look for loyal visitors because visitors will return to your blog voluntarily.

In addition, visitors will be loyal to purchase products or services you offer. Not only that, they also will happily refer you blog via social media or blog so that your brand exposure for free.

7 Powerful Ways Change New Visitor Visitor Being Loyal

I believe your blog has new visitors. Whatever the amount, your task is to turn them into loyal visitors.

If you do not know how, do not be discouraged. Here are 7 powerful ways to change your new visitors into loyal visitors.

1. Give the solution

This way you might think the cliche. However, this method proved to be effective. Do not believe? Try to remember when you visit the blogs of others for the first time and then you love them because you find a blog posting that solve one or more of your problems.

Not too difficult to give a solution to your new visitors. You can start by identifying the problems that visitor has a blog and then make the problem based postings.

For example, you blog about tips to lose weight. Target your readers are busy women. So the problem that your target readers have can be:

  • do not have time to exercise
  • inconsistent diet
  • difficult to prepare a healthy diet
  • do not have the money to exercise in the gym (gym)

Of the four issues above, you can create a post with a title like this:

  • Do not Have Time to Exercise? 3 Easy Ways to Try It
  • 7 Simple Tips For Consistent Doing Your Diet
  • How Easy Setting Menu Foods Healthy Everyday
  • 5 Activities That Will Make You Stay Fit Without Having to Gym

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2. Distribute the new knowledge you have

You have new knowledge related to the topic of your blog? Share your new knowledge in your blog.

“Ah, I’m not sure of my blog visitors will love it. My knowledge is trivial so that visitors may already get it on the blogs of others. “

If you have the above assumptions, was reasonable. In fact, the assumption is not always true, even often become an obstacle. So, you should test it by making a post according to the new knowledge.

3. Show your achievements

The first time I was visiting the blog of Pat Flynn (, I was amazed with his achievement that monthly income, which reached six-digit dollar. Since then, I became a loyal visitor Pat Flynn.

What I learned from the experience of the above is the achievement of the blog owner will attract new visitors. So, show your achievements.

If your topic is about making money, show your blog income. Any amount, write in the form of posts without shame. Do not be too afraid of being called narcissistic or arrogant. That is not important.

Of course, the achievement not only in the form of income. Could be something else.

In the example of weight loss tips above, you might be able to lose 5 kilos in 90 days. Write the steps you take to achieve it and publish it on your blog.

4. Create a case study

Illustration baruPengunjung new knowledge, especially beginners, usually want to see a real example. This desire can exploit by making a case study.

Believe it or not, making it easy case study. You just write what you are doing, progress, and results.

In Blogodolar, I have made a case study. You can read it at:

The case study blog Indonesian authorities
The case study niche blogs English
In, I’ll make a case study of 30 Day Challenge that I did. 30 Day Challenge will begin in August 2016 September 2016.

5. Storytelling

Story or stories (storytelling) is probably the best way to hook the attention of visitors. Why? Because the story easier to remember than a theory or concept.

For that, you should make a post that tells the story. Whether the story about yourself or others.

I often make postings story. You can read it in Note A Full Time Blogger and Blogging My Phases.

I have made a post about how to create a story that stirred-ngaduk the reader’s emotions and become viral on Facebook (and even make people cry). Please read on How to Make Storytelling Who Became Viral on Facebook (13.8K Share).

6. Give a link to the reference you are using

As an alumni of Chemistry, I’m happy if I read the article (whether it be a blog in the country or abroad) that is equipped with a link to the reference applies. This is because I can read more about the reference. Plus, I also save time finding a reliable reference.

For example, yesterday I visited Many article sites are rich scientific references about psychology. I immediately liked the site because many references that I get to support my post about self-development.

From the above experience, I recommend you to give a link to the reference you are using. Do not be afraid to position your blog will go down in the search engines. Instead, a link to a reliable reference will make your writing more credible and better position in Google.

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7. Increase the access speed of your blog

No matter how good the content you create, it will provide a great experience if your blog is slow to access. Therefore, you must increase the access speed of your blog.

I do not know your blog CMS. However, if you are using self-hosted WordPress, one way is to use the termudahnya W3 Total Cache plugin. See how to use the plugin on this post.

Loyal visitors are an asset to generate more money in the long run. Naturally, you should not underestimate the power of these visitors. So try one or more of the above so you can turn your blog into a new visitors loyal visitors.

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