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8 Guide How To Make Money From Internet

Lots of ways to earn money from the Internet, all of which need to fight from within ourselves. earn income from the internet is not easy, there are some important techniques that you should apply to the development blog and also your website so that what you can be useful to everyone on the Internet. Not much to create content articles of interest to the readers and to Google. therefore make it interesting content to increase traffic blogs or websites that you manage. Here I have some easier way how to earn money from the internet especially for those of you who already have a blog or website.

Steps to earn revenue from the world of Blogging:

1. Define your interests

The first course to determine your interest in what used to be, some of the people trying to build a blog would prefer to follow others who are already successful so totally from within themselves. For that you have to be passionate about it first within yourself, what you like then make as a main ingredient to begin pioneering a new blog. Surely it must also be in landasi with a sense of excitement and confidence.

2. Determine the type of blog platform

There are so many types of blog platform that you can use, either the platform Blogger or WordPress platform types that are widely used for people to create a personal blog and also blogs for business. Therefore learn first blog like what suits your abilities. whether from Platform blogspot or WordPress platform itself? I think you should pick a more easier to operate. customize to your needs, if you want to create a blog in order to get income in the form of money then you can use Blogspot, if you only intended to provide information that is more suitable to use wordpress. For this kind of wordpress itself is divided into two, namely for the Free version and paid version (

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3. Start Design Blog

Then, the third is start to design blogs have you made, if you have already started to design it means you are getting to know the topic or category articles like what you want to do, because without knowing the categories of articles are better you would not be able to until the end. Then create a blog that actually correspond to the interest that you like, the experience makes you more powerful to write the content. Talking about the blog design, blog design is better to use a more simple and also more dynamic, because it is more palatable to look at the readers of the internet. Try not to make the look of your blog become more severe as it could be tough to see the blog will actually make vague blog visitors.

4. Determine Domain

then if you just want to just learn to make the blog better if you use a free domain away from blogger (Blogspot), do you take for granted, free domain of bloggers can make money for you if you want to be consistent and remain patient to float a blog, how very easily is to create content articles at any time.

5. Start writing articles

The fifth step is start to write articles according to what you think, how the idea to write an article. may be from newspapers, Google Trends, and also through events happening around your neighborhood.

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6. Promote your content

The next step is you promote your content to a variety of major sites, could also try to promote your content to social media. Which social media is a source of very powerful market to increase traffic to your blog. make sure you create a unique content so that all people want to visit and want to leave a comment to your blog.

7. Increase the blog visitors

The seventh step is start to increase visitors to your blog, so you are ready to begin to victory is to make money from your blog.

8. Submit your blog to Google adsense

The last step register your blog to google adsense, and begin developing the field of your blog to be a purse of gold. thank you

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