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7 The fear that Jeopardize Blog (and fix)

Build a successful blog is the desire of all bloggers. However, why many blogs are not merged? One factor is the fear that descend the blog owner that negatively impact on his blog. Below is the seventh fear of endangering blog, complete with how to cope.

7 The fear that Jeopardize Blog (and fix)
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1. Fear of posts-Copas

Undeniably, the posts (articles) quality is the cornerstone in building a successful blog in the long term. Write a post like that takes energy and time because a lot of things that need to be prepared and carried out. Not surprisingly, a number of bloggers give up on these conditions.

Not on writing skills, but fears that the post berkualitasnya to copy and paste (Copas) others. Such fears may be, “I’m tired-tired to write quality posts, others by clicking Copas good as his stomach my posting. Worse yet, the Copas posting higher position than my post on Google. And so, I am lazy to write quality posts anymore “.

Such fear harm your blog in the long term. Why? Because blog posts you will run out of quality, terberngkalai, or flooded with postings perfunctory.

The solution?

First, keep writing quality posts. Focus your energy and your time to write, not to think of others who will shortly Copas your posts. Thus, you will continue to have a positive vibe in developing your blog.

Second, be kind sangkalah to Google. Why? Because sooner or later, Google will give you a much better position for the post-post-owned quality original authors.

Third, share your posts on social media accounts as soon as possible. For example, after you publish your post, go directly to Twitter, Facebook, or Google + and share these postings. Thus, you have a strong social proof that you are the original author of the posts. Perhaps this activity will help when you file a DMCA to Google.

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2. Fear rejected Google AdSense

AdSense takutGoogle suspected of having high standards in reception blogs that will show their ads. Only blogs that are standards they are approved. Of course, for some bloggers, it became frightened that continues to haunt so that they are lazy or reluctant to submit their blogs to Google AdSense.

Are you a blogger like that? If yes, here is the solution:

  • Just ask your blog. Accepted or not, that’s another thing.
  • If not received, read carefully the reasons Google AdSense team. The reason for their popularity, fix your blog as soon as possible.
  • Ask your blog back to them

3. Fear of visitors has not increased

The third fear is not increased visitor. This fear makes you lazy develop your blog because they feel there is no point in writing a new post, reply to reader comments, and so on. Impact, your blog will become a mediocre blog.

The solution?

First, diversification of sources of your visitors. If you have been relying on visitors from search engines to do experiments with capture visitors from social media.

Second, build cooperation with well-known bloggers. One form is by becoming a guest author on their blogs.

Third, continue to develop according to plan your your blog. Leave aside whether or not the number of visitors increases, but focus on the existing visitor. They will appreciate your efforts, no matter how small the effort.

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4. Fear of time consumed

Developing blogs, especially blogs devoted to making money, it takes time to write a post, answering visitor questions, share your social media posts, and so on. Of course, these activities will take your time to your family or your job (if you are a part-time blogger).

You fear consumed the time to develop your blog? If yes, solutions may be appropriate are:

Allocate an hour a day of your time to develop your blog. When is the time? It depends on your routine. Can be morning, afternoon, or evening.
Recruit employees to work on tasks that are not blogging or marketing you can do.

5. Fear of not making money

“I want to switch to self-hosted WordPress blog, but afraid of my blog will not make money,” said blogger who contacted me via email. You like it too?

If yes, the solution is to rent hosting now. It is the ONE THING you. Blogs are making money or not is another HAL. By renting hosting, both of the hosting provider or abroad, you will be “forced” to manage the blog professionally because you do not want your money lost in vain.

6. Fear compete with other bloggers

If you’ve penetrated the world of blogs, you will see blogs success setopik with you. Sometimes, the success of these blogs makes you afraid to compete with them. The reason is diverse, ranging from age complained to no talent. In other words, you are defeated before the fight because it seems like there is no other way to defeat them.

The solution to overcome this fear is:

  • Assume the competition is a normal thing that will make your blog more developed
  • Synergy with those of your competitors. The form can refer their postings on blogs or social media accounts you
  • Confident that you can succeed like them (and even surpass) because success is the right of all people, not a right handful of people
  • Identifying gaps blogs setopik success with your blog. For example, they have not discussed a particular topic or topics not yet complete reviews. After that, take action by writing the topic as possible

7. Fear PageRank down

PageRank (PR) for a number of bloggers is its own prestige. They fear her homework down when their posts mem-backlink posting other people that are relevant to posting. Although it should be mem-backlink, they put a nofollow attribute to the posts of others.

If you have a fear like that, here is the solution:

Remove prestige PR. Nowadays, PR is not the main factor that will increase the amount of your income
Give the backlink dofollow attribute to post someone else that you think is good and relevant to your post. This will help you in building a personal branding and or networking with other bloggers. Remember, a simple formula for building a true networking is giving before receiving
In conclusion, many fear that came to mind while starting and developing a blog. If left unchecked, these fears will limit or even a blog to keep you from success. Therefore, eliminate one by one (gradually) tesebut fear now.

Fears let alone ever you have and how to solve it?

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