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7 Powerful Ways Change New Visitor Visitor Being Loyal

If you want to earn more money from your blog, you need loyal visitors. By having a loyal visitor, you do not have to painstakingly look for loyal visitors because visitors will return to your blog voluntarily.

In addition, visitors will be loyal to purchase products or services you offer. Not only that, they also will happily refer you blog via social media or blog so that your brand exposure for free.

7 Powerful Ways Change New Visitor Visitor Being Loyal

I believe your blog has new visitors. Whatever the amount, your task is to turn them into loyal visitors.

If you do not know how, do not be discouraged. Here are 7 powerful ways to change your new visitors into loyal visitors.

1. Give the solution

This way you might think the cliche. However, this method proved to be effective. Do not believe? Try to remember when you visit the blogs of others for the first time and then you love them because you find a blog posting that solve one or more of your problems.

Not too difficult to give a solution to your new visitors. You can start by identifying the problems that visitor has a blog and then make the problem based postings.

For example, you blog about tips to lose weight. Target your readers are busy women. So the problem that your target readers have can be:

  • do not have time to exercise
  • inconsistent diet
  • difficult to prepare a healthy diet
  • do not have the money to exercise in the gym (gym)

Of the four issues above, you can create a post with a title like this:

  • Do not Have Time to Exercise? 3 Easy Ways to Try It
  • 7 Simple Tips For Consistent Doing Your Diet
  • How Easy Setting Menu Foods Healthy Everyday
  • 5 Activities That Will Make You Stay Fit Without Having to Gym

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2. Distribute the new knowledge you have

You have new knowledge related to the topic of your blog? Share your new knowledge in your blog.

“Ah, I’m not sure of my blog visitors will love it. My knowledge is trivial so that visitors may already get it on the blogs of others. “

If you have the above assumptions, was reasonable. In fact, the assumption is not always true, even often become an obstacle. So, you should test it by making a post according to the new knowledge.

3. Show your achievements

The first time I was visiting the blog of Pat Flynn (, I was amazed with his achievement that monthly income, which reached six-digit dollar. Since then, I became a loyal visitor Pat Flynn.

What I learned from the experience of the above is the achievement of the blog owner will attract new visitors. So, show your achievements.

If your topic is about making money, show your blog income. Any amount, write in the form of posts without shame. Do not be too afraid of being called narcissistic or arrogant. That is not important.

Of course, the achievement not only in the form of income. Could be something else.

In the example of weight loss tips above, you might be able to lose 5 kilos in 90 days. Write the steps you take to achieve it and publish it on your blog.

4. Create a case study

Illustration baruPengunjung new knowledge, especially beginners, usually want to see a real example. This desire can exploit by making a case study.

Believe it or not, making it easy case study. You just write what you are doing, progress, and results.

In Blogodolar, I have made a case study. You can read it at:

The case study blog Indonesian authorities
The case study niche blogs English
In, I’ll make a case study of 30 Day Challenge that I did. 30 Day Challenge will begin in August 2016 September 2016.

5. Storytelling

Story or stories (storytelling) is probably the best way to hook the attention of visitors. Why? Because the story easier to remember than a theory or concept.

For that, you should make a post that tells the story. Whether the story about yourself or others.

I often make postings story. You can read it in Note A Full Time Blogger and Blogging My Phases.

I have made a post about how to create a story that stirred-ngaduk the reader’s emotions and become viral on Facebook (and even make people cry). Please read on How to Make Storytelling Who Became Viral on Facebook (13.8K Share).

6. Give a link to the reference you are using

As an alumni of Chemistry, I’m happy if I read the article (whether it be a blog in the country or abroad) that is equipped with a link to the reference applies. This is because I can read more about the reference. Plus, I also save time finding a reliable reference.

For example, yesterday I visited Many article sites are rich scientific references about psychology. I immediately liked the site because many references that I get to support my post about self-development.

From the above experience, I recommend you to give a link to the reference you are using. Do not be afraid to position your blog will go down in the search engines. Instead, a link to a reliable reference will make your writing more credible and better position in Google.

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7. Increase the access speed of your blog

No matter how good the content you create, it will provide a great experience if your blog is slow to access. Therefore, you must increase the access speed of your blog.

I do not know your blog CMS. However, if you are using self-hosted WordPress, one way is to use the termudahnya W3 Total Cache plugin. See how to use the plugin on this post.

Loyal visitors are an asset to generate more money in the long run. Naturally, you should not underestimate the power of these visitors. So try one or more of the above so you can turn your blog into a new visitors loyal visitors.

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