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10 Ways to Increase CTR on Google AdSense Blog

Sign up for Google Adsense is just the first step for those who want to make money from Google AdSense.

The next step is to increase visitors to the blog and also optimize the AdSense ads on your blog so that more and more are ngeklik.

Well in this post I will discuss about how to improve the CTR Google AdSense.

10 Ways to Increase CTR on Google AdSense Blog

What is the CTR?

CTR (Click Through Rate) or in Indonesian called the CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage amount of total display ad clicks / ad impressions.

For example, if an ad on your blog viewed 1000 times and there are 10 people who click on the ads, that means buddy get a CTR of 1%.

How many Google AdSense CTR is reasonable?

Google AdSense reasonable CTR is generally between 1% to 3%. Your blog might be able to get a CTR greater or smaller. That is because the number of CTR depends on many things, one of which is a topic in the blog.

There are some blog topics can get a very high CTR, but it is also the topic of the blog that can only get CTR under 1%.

One of the topics the blog that usually get a low CTR is a hodgepodge blog topics or blogs whose topics are mixed.

How to improve the CTR Google AdSense?

Whether your blog hodgepodge blog or not, below are some things you can do to increase the CTR pal Google AdSense or trivial language which means that each click on the ads.

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1. Use a theme / template that is simple and not too crowded

Try to use a theme or template blog that has a simple layout and also not too crowded (not too many colors).

Why is that,Bro?

Because the blog that is simple and not too many knick-knacks will make your ads can appear more prominent and will more easily attract the attention of visitors to click.

2. Do not put too many widgets

Although your blog using the theme or template is simple but if you put too many widgets, the same lie.

Remove the widgets that are not too important, for example, a calendar widget or widget blog stats, etc. The fewer widgets installed will get better. The reason is the same as point number one.

3. Use the theme / template is not too wide

Blog design that is too wide will make the visitor’s eye should move to the right and to the left to read the content on the blog. Because her eyes are tired eventually sempet not see the ad because it did not focus.

Well if cramped blog design will make the visitor’s eyes focused on the middle and will make the ads more easily draw the eye. In the end gatel kepengin visitors click on the ads.

4. Use the responsive design

Internet users now use more mobile devices than desktop. That means to have a responsive design blog is a must.

Moreover, Google AdSense now provide advertising types Responsive.

5. Use the recommended ad sizes

Google AdSense provides a fair amount of ad sizes to choose from, even my friend can also make the size of the ad itself. But there are only a few sizes only ad that has a great CTR performance.

Generally, the larger the size of the ad will be higher its value CTR. The reason is certainly due to a larger ad will be more easily seen by visitors.

Here is a graph that I took from about ad CTR values ​​of the size of the smallest to the biggest:

Ukuran Iklan AdSense yang Maksimal

6. Put an ad in the right place

Although my friend had chosen the right ad size, but if one ad placement then certainly not be effective.

Following are recommendations ad placement in order to get a higher CTR:
  • Under the title of the posting size of 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  • In the middle posts Responsive size, 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  • Below the post size 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  • In the sidebar size of 300 × 600, 300 × 250 or 160 × 600
  • In the header or Responsive size 728 × 90

7. Use a combination of ad types of images, text, and link units

Google AdSense provides three types of advertising, namely advertising the type of image, text and link units. Use a combination of all three so that ads that appear more varied.

8. Reduce the number of ads

One of the other ways that can be done to enhance the Google AdSense CTR is to reduce the number of ads attached.
Simply attach the ads in locations that get high CTR values. For example under the post title or in the middle of the post.

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9. Do not mix AdSense ads with other ad

Google AdSense itself does not prohibit to mix AdSense ads with ads from other programs. But it would be better not to mix it up.

10. Increase blog visitors

The latter may not how to increase CTR, but how else, if my friend already implement ways 1 to 9 but still lower CTR ad, then the easiest solution is to increase visitors to the blog.


Perhaps only much alone this time my post on how to improve Google AdSense CTR. Do not forget to experiment on his own because every blog is different.
For my friend who may have no other way does not hurt to be shared in the comments field.

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