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7 How to Select a Domain SEO In Search Engines Google

Many How to choose a domain name that we are interested for our use in the manufacture of a new website or blog, but hard when we choose a domain name that fits and is suitable for our use.

7 How to Select a Domain SEO In Search Engines Google

There is always a problem when choosing a good domain for our site, usually for confused want a name like anything and also confused, not knowing what would later become.

Most of the people who are engaged in the world of Blogging prefer to use private names to make the blog domain name itself, It was natural, perhaps they would want to signify that it was really his blog.

Well on this occasion in this new blog I want to give some tips to you as a new blogger or bloggers who want to replace the old free subdomain blog using the Custom Domain (TLD: Top Level Domain).

Choosing a domain name is certainly not as easy as you imagine, a lot of consideration specially that will appear before you choose a domain name. Among such as whether the domain name that already you can choose SEO in search engines?

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Is the domain name could be a contender weight to blogs that are already famous, and whether the domain name that you choose can become famous and easy to remember Internet users?

Well it’s a problem which you must think before you intend to make a blog domain.

Now before we go to a better discussion we read in advance the sense Domain blog below:

Domain is a unique server that is most frequently used by bloggers to create a network See more about Computers or as an email server in opersikan Through Internet. The function of this domain is to make it easier for Internet users to log onto a server that is useful find information on the internet. This applied to let users more easily to recognize each server that the visit of the need to memorize a series of numbers, or we are familiar with the term IP ADDRESS. Usually the domain name is often called by a URL or website address

 Here are some tips for choosing a good domain name and appropriate for your blog:

1. Choose a Domain Name that is easy for Di Remember

The first is to choose a domain name that is easy to remember every visitor to your blog, do not be too long and do not short but the fonts that are difficult to remember.
Some examples below may be given to show you all. For example, for a sample domain that is easy to remember: | or Domain that is easy for typing in the Google SERP itself. Basically, that is easy to remember domain provides its own benefits to the owners which certainly all visitors if you want to walk around in your blog easier and less difficulty in typing in the address column.

Then one example for the domain is short but not easy to remember: This is an example of a short domain that I think the first time was aware of this domain name, but for a second visit next time I’m sure penggguna little trouble. 2 Letter, due to the double peletakannya also confuse new users.

From the second domain selection long and short of it actually depends on the words used, the length but using the words easy to remember it’s better than a short but difficult to remember. Well if you want to create a personal blog you can probably use your name, but if a couple can create a domain name corresponding to the name of your business.

2. Customize Your Brand And Business

Many bloggers who choose to use a domain name that is sometimes different from the name of the business being in jalankannya. This is usually because the brand wants to look different. But if in view of the aspects of the popularity and trust of Internet users is better you use your business name to make a domain name, so the selearas and easier for people to find your business on the internet.

Then the second, you can use a personal domain name if it was necessary to show that you are the owner of the blog.

3. Use the TLD (Top Level Domain)

Then the second is by using a domain with a custom domain that is most often used by new bloggers, such as COM, NET, ORG, ID and many more extensions Domain available, often I find domain names with various unique for yourself which are usually providers domain already gives some pilhan that are customized to the blog category.

4. Use a domain name that is a low level of competition]

Then if you want to choose a domain name, say you choose a domain name corresponding to the name of your business. for example, was here I took a sample of your business as a service business articles. then surely you will create a domain name that corresponds to the business that you live. For example: |

if I rate has been quite good and proper as it relates to value click in the search engines, but we see again the amount of competition. whether the blog you are already popular enough to appear on the first page? That which you must think first. Take a look below:

7 How to Select a Domain SEO In Search Engines Google

Judging from the search results using SERVICE ARTICLES course you will lose with a variety of existing ads and also dri website is already popular, this indeed is in permasalahkan bloggers now. difficult to penetrate the first rank. I also felt so. For the ultimate solution I suggest to you, use the domain name domain .Yaitu Brandable domain names as keywords. For example

5. Do not use the Trademark

Trademark is the creation of domain names that utilize Brand companies and brands that are already well known on the Internet Illegally used without permission at all of the parties concerned. For example, because a lot of people who do a search on Google you use a domain name such as and so forth. The Google may not receive their company name being misused and it could be you incur a fine of up to billions of rupiah.

6. Place Buy domain

Then the sixth buy a domain name in place already in many klienr believe, as we often find a domain purchases but only lasted a few months, normally dowan server or exposed suspend. It was so hurt when the site has begun to crawl properly. so think two times again where you will perkir your domain later. I would suggest to or to

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7. Choose according to your taste Extensions (COM, NET, cclTD)

Many extensions that you can use to custom subdomain blog, better use of the commonly used ones such as com, net, ID because it was popular and guaranteed also for its quality. Blog if you want to see only in local INDONESIA you can use ID. But if you can use COM internationally.
Multiple Domain Extensions of several countries:

  • US: Autralia

Now that’s some domain name selection you might be able to make a reference. Thank you for visiting. This blog received a request Articles on Blogging and online businesses. please contact me. thanks.

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Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%

Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%. Many of the bloggers who wonder why traffic or visitors to his blog is increasingly declined, if there is one of his blog so that traffic slowly declining? It may have become commonplace in naturally many bloggers in Indonesia, but why this is always in trouble, right?

Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%

Of course, this problem has always been the main topic of the blogger to find the right solution and restore traffic to the condition you want or stable as usual.

I have a little experience stories from my friends who ask to help me out which blogs have decreased Drastic up to 50%, which had been Page view every day got up to 5000 Page View and at that time was only getting about 2500 Page views alone and continue to decline slowly.

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The incident in the feel when posting updates at midnight, usually he’s been doing a check blog traffic at night, he was surprised that his blog was once the traffic is good and started to climb up to 6000’s figures even go down to the numbers are so small.

Had he was confused, and added again got a warning from Google as below. You may have also received a warning letter from Google to be sent from the webmasters you like this?

Cause And Blog Traffic Due to Drastic Decline Up to 50%

Well my friend then send some information that his blog has decreased up to 50% more traffic and keep continuity to almost disappear from the Google search engine, see the following conversation. Sorry my name disguise for privacy.

Well after that I tried to help, but because of my services, so it looks like it is more convenient than in other cases, then began my optimization and fix again the reputation of the site, and only 1 day only blog traffic has returned to Normal.

Well blogging friends, from here we will learn what makes this could happen to my friend on the site?

And also we will learn how to make your site back to normal again, this certainly will be one science or knowledge that is useful to you all.

Now let us consider the direct causes of why blogs can descend Drastic

Here I only discussed the few causes that really Real happen, if broadly can you find on the internet and of course the discussion is also quite similar all. For that we discuss what their course here.

What really makes a blog traffic decreased Drastic?

Indications Plagiarism And Repetition word

Turns out Google was always crawl each page content we own, which many bloggers are forgetting the use of the Content and Images used as a supplement, we take a real example above case, my friend sema did not commit plagiarism articles or content whatsoever.

According to himself he always writes articles according to what he thinks, which means that posts made without Copas made real at all.

then what makes article as Article Copas?

It turns out there are some articles that too much use Image From Google and forgot to turn it on, and also some information about the tutorial content is the same with the other tutorial content.

Be it from the script code and so forth, of course is a big problem that must be overcome, and difficult if the post is already a lot we do not know which ones we have to change.

Blogging activity that violates rules

Then the second cause, as I saw both the webmaster and trying to be admin Blog to him, there are some blogging activity that turned against the rule.

There is a setting that turns robots.txt changed and modified to avoid Duplicate Content.

This is also against the rules of crawling the site itself, Google never told to do Modifications Robot.txt on setting webmaster and Blogger.

because it is automatically routed by Google itself.

Try no check whether your blog Mobile Friendly responsive, yet your position using Modified Settingan Robot.txt, of course Google will be refused on the grounds that kusus “Error in crawl”

 Never repair sites 404 Not Found

Maybe some Blogger sometimes do not know what 404 crawl errors, which usually happens in our blog, more and more sites are experiencing Not Found or do not find the content at all, this is an indication of spam on the blog that will be received by the search engine.

This means that the more mistakes made tantamount mislead users of the site to open the link of your article errors.

And of course this will immediately respond by search engines, the search engine was blocked from your content information. in fact if you’ve done a cleansing of all site error indication this will not happen.

Many Script Code

Furthermore, for those of you who like to modify the template better reduce this activity, which is getting you frequently modify the template then reduce the crawling of search engines to search across all content in your blog.

Several sources explained that the crawl is done the search engine in accordance with the directions read our eyes yaiu from the top left to the bottom right, if there is some code that is completely contrary to a search system that could make the crawl failed miserably and only got part of it, for the crawl is wrong is always at the input to the Error Seacrh at Webmaster.

and into the SERP Database Engine, and therefore sometimes you feel confused, why can occur many mistakes when you did not know the cause.

Content and keyword spamming

Then the second in because too much use keywords that are repeated, often I have seen too many articles that uses keywords that are repeated, Turned on some blogs that use repetitive keywords do not understand what the function of the search description.

There also understand but not speak it very well. often I see an article with a description containing key words, actually it is not relevant to the search results on search engines.

in fact it’s useless if you made a row of keywords in the article content but in the description of the content you search by using another sentence.

Here’s how the search description: when you do not fill the description of manual search will automatically retrieved by the search engine, which they will be directly from crawling all keywords in your article content.

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Well at crawl time that they will find lots of keyword stuffing or repetitive content like this will not last long.

But if you use the manual search description then you will find you relevant.

And the search robots will focus to a description which you have created, tambahanya by crawling keywords that you create in the article content. Simply put, manual Description active, more relevant searches.

Description of non-active, relevant search but did not last long (Cause: many keyword repetitions). I hope you can understand

Other Causes:

  • Random article
  • infected Virus
  • Most articles go in Sandbox
  • Ok then how are we going to fix sites that decreased traffic or visitors like that? Let us examine together.

How To Overcome Blog Experiencing Decrease in Traffic (Personal Experience)

Check the warning and command From Webmaster

Usually if the decline in traffic that occurs as my friend above will be send multiple email messages from the webmaster is essentially a warning to your blog which already began to disappear from the search engines, do not ignore the warning or google will actually remove your blog from search engines ,

Understand what the warning and what his orders. If from the above blog problem because some content spam and also an indication of plagiarism.

What do I do first?

Remove Content On Decline Happens When

The first one I do to solve the problems of my friends is to remove content articles which at the time he made it and fell in the evening or the next day, this affects the visitor blog actually but it did not matter because if not resolved even more fatal consequences ,

I remove the 2 content in the manner or the correct procedure, through the webmaster.

I wiped clean until no longer appear in Google SERP.

Submit blog Back to webmaster

Then the second one I did submit a link back to the blog webmaster, you should remember here that submit enough BLOG link.

to issue the article content better not submit beforehand, but prepare beforehand content with many words eg 1000 real words of your own thoughts and also use artificial image of your own.

it was much better.

Wait until one day

The next step is to wait for a reply from Google, if google reply to why we have to prioritize your site, if your site has been repaired?

Well this is usually in English, no need to fear, submit comparative tests using Indonesian as I did in the screenshot that I gave to my friend, Google would crawl back, and wait until one day.

Update Your Blog

At the time of comparative tests, then create one original article that already I mentioned earlier, make sure all the original from your hands to type it.
Secret Techniques ??

Of course there is, I’ve been more than one year to learn this, but I can not give it to you.

Relax next time I will give freely to all of you, of course, for the faithful visit this blog.

Now that’s how to overcome blog Drastically declining by 50% and also penybebabnya, hopefully can provide useful information for you bloggers. His comments do not forget the well. Thanks.

If you have any problems regarding your blog, ask directly in the comments I will answer as I could.

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Still Lazy writing Articles, Note Gain What You Get

Write regular blog articles Turns Every day brings advantages Individual bloggers to review long struggled Already Blogging world. So Many Benefits Can actually obtained when kita Diligently writing articles utuk Developments blog kita. Operating blog article writing routine will produce results Absolute Maximum, praying only course Saja Asset kita Also articles will increase Plenty.

 kelebihan dan keuntungan ketika kamu rajin update artikel setiap hari

You need to know that writing a great blog article and quality will bring the good name of the blogs that you manage, this is one of the advantages and benefits will you get.
But keep in mind, in his own good article writing would be in accordance with what you already konsepkan from the beginning, if the article discusses the problems of Blogging might be engaged to discuss sepetur Blogging world, and so on.
Some of the benefits when you are writing articles on the blog will be the one I have outlined the following reviews:

# You’ll Get Rich Blog Content

The first benefit would you feel when you are diligent in updating your blog posts that are rich in content that discussed certain concept, for the use of this concept depends on the intention and ability to manage your own.
Each respective blogger certainly understand what the concept of niche articles or blogs that fit their abilities.

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Keep in mind that the drafting of this article depends on our ability to manage them yourself, the more assets owned a blog article, the more the benefits that you will get.
Eg traffic blog will also be more and more, then a visitor becomes linger in your blog and it could be many interested advertisers to advertise your blog.

# Blog The Good Reputation

Then the benefits would you feel if you update your blog articles at any time which will increase Reputation blog, the blog front of whom you will be increasing its reputation?
Of course dihdapan search engines and visitors on the Internet, this is the thing that is really normal if a blog with content that pretty much would have experts in discussing something that from the beginning has been drafted in a way Rupa.
Create content articles is actually easy if you’re already familiar and Hoby with what you like. For example, you love to play games, might make a blog that provides a tutorial to play games, and others.

# Increase Vocabulary You

Especially being a blogger of course the goal is to share information which he knows to others through their writings weighted articles, for example, you are a bona fide master ABILITY insight into the financial or banking, credit problems and a credit card.
You can pour your idea into writing articles that you can later upload on your blog or website you are currently getting up, with the number of vocabulary you use, the more expert you also master each vocabulary in preparation of a sentence.

# Brain You Accustomed Quick Thinking

The benefits of writing or updating diligent another blog article that your brain is trained to think quickly, this may benefit the most widely felt by the bloggers who have senior, some of them at the time of making an article not think of it first.
However, when the concept is already known directly the brain will think quickly and typing artikelpun will run more smoothly, this is one that will benefit you get when you unconsciously began to diligently and loves to write articles on blogging activities.

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# Upgrading Typing

We know that the working world is now a lot of people who are less expert in the operation of the Laptop or computer, especially when typing a report or important documents. Do typing necessary in the world of Work?
Of course indispensable, especially the world of work is now no longer a way to write the manual, almost all the work accomplished by typed either via a PC or laptop computer. If you’re already accustomed to one day could make 10 articles then you are already working in the world will not be surprised anymore.

# Bids Typing Services

If the article that you made quite nice and easy to read, and all the people easily understand, so you can get an offer to work in the field of typing or the person who booked the services of articles or typing. This is one advantage that you have to get when you have long struggled in the world of Blogging
Now that’s a little information about the advantages and benefits when you are diligent in updating articles every day, especially for the development and improve the quality of your blog and your website in Google’s SERP Engine

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How to Find Author Articles Gifted Services and Professional

Free How to Find Services Author Articles Gifted And professional course, not everyone can get it easily, Service article professional and experienced sometimes aplenty on the internet but it’s not easy to find a writer who really versed in developing a vocabulary that all sentences are also easy to understood and science in can be easily applied in other people’s lives, sometimes looking for a article writer website that is really experienced and can understand what is in the interest of the client to be completely in accordance with what is expected, as a blogger would will understand what good writing, good in reading and readers are also suitable for the internet.

How to Find Author Articles Gifted Services and Professional
src from google image
It became one of the advantages for us are not good at arranging the words yet able to understand other people’s writing is only a mere review only and does not discuss the details of the topic of discussion.
No wonder so many writers who holds all articles but not in accordance with the passion they have, sometimes several authors actually prefer or more experts in the world of marketing, but are forced to write articles about kesehtaan or the Android world, is also a big influence associated with writing and also the discussion later.

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Well for those of you who want to find the author of the article blog / website truly talented or skilled in a specially niche may need to pay attention to little review of posts they make.
Well friend facesiana, for this time we will slightly discusses on how to find the author of the article websites that are really talented in his field.
The case study of the blog I’m putting up a matter which I will use to see how far results could influence the writing of the reader to listen to the content of articles in this blog and how much is to come back to this blog. here are some that might just part evidence. This blog is still very new, just a few days I built it.
This proves that the writing besides being one of the assets in a blog also has an important role to make the user more comfortable and want to come back again to visit your blog. Well friend facesiana, then what the heck are looking for an article writer seo experienced and talented too? Here’s his review.

Look for writers who can trust and Experienced

The first of course you have to find a writer who could really believing it and of course the result is true according to your wishes, it is unlikely kalain will select an article writer who rely on rent alone, all need proof and also business’m membuahakan correct results.
Looking writer reliable one you can find in sribulancer or it could be at ProBlogger, but became a member of the writer in ProBlogger is also not easy, it takes funds several hundred to enter and become a premium member.
I seek advice from writers who already have a good reputation in the eyes of other bloggers and also customers who are familiar with you.

Recruit Professional Bloggers If Can

Sometimes a lot of newbie bloggers are trying to recruit bloggers who are already famous or senior to write on their blog, the reason is simple because it can be believed, and of course, already provides strong evidence that blogs can be managed with high traffic, this proves that you’m absolutely right but sometimes times when not all the senior bloggers want to be a service writer or donate writings on other people’s blogs, they are busy with their activities outside the world of Blogging, maybe you can find some of the writers who are providing services of writing both the writing of easy, medium or difficult.

I mean here you can recruit senior bloggers if they:

  • Understanding and talking about topics in your message
  • Have experience on a particular topic so that writing is more real sifanya
  • Never write on large sites that are well known
  • Articles they write according to the standards that you would expect
  • So how so you can trust with them:
  • Ask a few titles of articles that will be send to your email, and see whether according to what you expect
  • If the title is appropriate maybe you can start to recruit
  • Pay and start cooperating in accordance with kesepatakan between you and the author
  • Starts With Giving Title and Keyword Yang Di agree
Then get started submitting the article title that will be used for the manufacture of articles of your blog, of course titles that will be sent has been through a phase of research in advance so that the result is also the maximum for the website.
Not easy to make a great title, but if you are already familiar with how to use the title of a good prediction of course it will make it easier to provide good title to your content. If you are confused may be able to give them to service more talented article writer.

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Able to Make Articles The Log Page One

Good writer and has also been senior will certainly know how to make or mengusahkan article can enter the first page of Google, it is the duty of the author of the article itself.
But if you are already capable in these areas you may be able to slightly modify so that your content more leverage, sometimes not all authors were able in these areas, but they are more expert in the preparation of words to form a sentence that is easy to understand everyone, like most the master seo said that SEO was only a trap, we do not need a lot of keywords to pursue a position in the SERP, but provide the best for our readers, blog readers because we are not robots, but humans who are looking for information and would like to add Science.
Now that’s a few tips from me about how to seek the services of a website or blog article writer talented, experienced professionals and also of course in his own ministry. Thank you for visiting

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Free Blogging for Beginners Up Can Make Money

What is a Blog?

If my friend was really new in the world of blogs, then the possibility of buddy still do not quite understand what a blog. On the internet actually has many articles that discuss what is a blog, but here I will give only a trivial explanation. Blogs are one of many types of websites available on the internet.

Free Blogging for Beginners Up Can Make Money
src goolge image

Examples of types of websites on the internet are:

  • News portal (eg,, etc.)
  • Social Networking (eg,, etc.)
  • Search Engine (eg,, etc.).
  • Forum (eg,, etc.)
  • Online Store (for example:,, etc.)
  • ETC.

So what’s the difference blog with other types of websites?

The answer is: A LOT OF DIFFERENCE …

One thing that most distinguishes between blogs with other type of website that is a function of the blog itself.

The main function of the blog in the beginning is to allow people to write personal notes on the internet.

But this time the blog already has a lot of functions. Starting off as a personal note, a place to share opinions and information, for political purposes, to for business purposes.

Why blogging?

Now maybe my friend wondered:

What can I get if I blogging?

Here are some benefits that can mate get if being a blogger:

1. Being a great writer

Honestly, the first time I knew the beginning of my blog, including those who are not so able to write. To just write one sentence me so hard.
It is reasonable considering the background I used was not the one who bependidikan, only junior high school graduates are not very clever, very still pinteran the next door neighbor.
But since becoming a blogger, Alhamdulillah little by little I began to write fluently. Although not exactly nice, but I think it was very unusual.
Well, if my friend alone are people who like to write, then I’m sure if blogging pal pal writing skills will increase and may not be able to become a great writer.

2. Helping others

The benefits of blogging is not just for ourselves, because of the blog we can also help others with the knowledge or the knowledge we have.
Nothing else is more fun than blogging in addition to helping others.

3. Build trust in the internet

When we can help others through blogs then we will be given the trust by our readers for providing information that is useful to them.
Indeed, what is the importance of trust?
I am sure my friend know if the online world is growing. Internet users every day continues to grow and more and more people begin to expand their business in the online world.
One key to the success of online business is trust. Well, a blog is a great place to build that trust.

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4. Build Network

Another benefit is that we can easily build a network through blogs. If our blog is consistently filled with writings that are useful in accordance with our expertise, the more loyal readers who often visit our blog.
If we already have the trust and also an extensive network on the internet, it will be very easy to develop business on the internet.

5. Make Money

The latter of course that the blog can also become a source of income. How to? I will explain in more detail below.

Where to start?

Getting started blogging it was actually very easy, but most people are puzzled by himself.

1. Determine the purpose

Is the purpose of blogging is that important? Very important. If we do not have a goal then it is definitely our blog will be no clear direction of purpose will be where, and we also have been inconsistent in taking care of our blog.
Blogging takes time, energy, and mind. Do not let it all go to waste because it does not have a clear purpose.

2. Determine the topic

Choose a topic that really interested pal accordance with a hobby or expertise pal. If my friend chose a topic that my friend did not much like it, then your blog will not last long.

3. Choose a blogging service

There are so many services that we can use for the blog, such as,,, and other sebagainnya. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. But I think is the right choice for my friend. Besides being free, is very easy to use for beginners.

4. Start writing

If the friend already have a blog then the most important thing is to fill your blog with posts. Start writing whatever you want buddy write according to the topics already buddy specify.

5. Beautify blog

It is actually not so important to be done by a novice blogger but no harm done if the origin is not excessive.
Buddy can change the template or the appearance of your blog with a better, install widgets to be more beautiful to look at, and others. But remember! do not overdo it because most beginner bloggers hooked mutually template or the view that ultimately only a waste of time.

Mistakes are often made novice blogger

After my friend know how to start blogging, then you should listen to some of my friend common mistakes made by novice blogger that my friend does not need to do the same thing the following:

1. Too busy with

As I mentioned a little above, errors are almost done by most beginner bloggers are too busy to see the blog. Mutually templates, plug-detached widgets, etc.
Has a cool blog that is good, but that will make your blog become big and known to many people is not due to the appearance, but because of the content presented on the blog buddy buddy.

2. Concerned quantity than quality

Blogger beginners usually vying to fill the blog with the words as much as possible in the hope of quickly getting a lot of visitors regardless of whether the posting results of write themselves or other bloggers writing trace results.

3. Too much reading the information but lack of practice

As a beginner blogger usually very large curiosity. Read this read it until his head was full of information and confused which one to dipraktekan.Lebih good bit of information but actually practiced than most of the information but it is not used.

4. Inconsistent

In the early days very diligently update the post on a daily basis, but after that it suddenly disappeared somewhere. Update the blog regularly is very good, but consistency seems to me far more important.

5. Discussing too many topics

Is it a problem if discusses many topics? absolutely not. But definitely your blog to flourish, not unique, does not have the identity, and it will be difficult to get loyal readers.

6. Too obsessed with statistics blog

A blogger beginner will usually be very diligent in checking the number of visitors, alexa rank, pagerank, and so forth. The day can check hundreds of times. Though it will not help increase the number of the end of your blog and will only be a waste of time.

7. Make too many blogs

Honest enough bloggers who have experienced that managing many blogs, tens and even hundreds. But especially for a beginner it is not advisable to make too many blogs because it would make no focus.
Although my friend is no longer a beginner I think managing a lot of blogs is not a necessity. All depends on the purpose pal. If my friend wants to create a blog to be popular and enduring, then there is no reason to manage many blogs.

8. Too ambitious to earn money fast

Inevitably many bloggers started blogging because they want to earn money. They assumed wash the money from blogs can be done overnight, but it is not so. It takes time, effort and consistency.
I myself can only make money after two years of blogging. A long time indeed considering I started completely from scratch. Buddy might have been faster or longer. Which obviously takes time, effort and consistency.

9. Do not take advantage of the Google search engine with a maximum

Instead of just a matter of a blog, any information can be found easily on google. So use Google well to learn blogging.

Begin developing a blog

If we already have a blog and some content on it, then of course we want our blog has many readers or visitors. Well here we start malakukan the name of promotion, began to recognize the name of SEO and breast bengeknya.

1. Stay focused to content

Content until whenever will remain a major factor in the success of a blog. Create content that is really good quality. What was it like quality content:
  • Wanted by the reader
  • Unique, different, and original
  • Handy and useful

2. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an attempt to optimize our blog on search engines. If my friend wants to get more visitors to your blog from the search engines then inevitably have to deal with SEO pal.
But my friend does not have to actually be an SEO expert to be mendaptakan visitors from search engines. Simply use a basic understanding of SEO I think I have enough to help increase traffic to your blog from search engines.
I highly recommend my friend to read the beginners guide to SEO from Google. Free SEO is in the form of .pdf files, and can mate download HERE.

2. Blogwalking

Blogwalking are simply the activities berkujung to other people’s blogs while leaving a comment. Blogwalking is a long way is often done by a novice blogger to mandapatkan end, but even today is still effective manner.
In addition to getting the end blogwalking also has many other benefits, including:
  • Bonding relationship with a fellow blogger
  • Getting backlinks is one of the most important factors of SEO
  • Get ideas or inspiration
  • and others

3. Social Media

Inevitably this time most people spend time on social media. Take advantage of good social media as a promotion for your blog.

4. Forum

On the internet many forums that contain people who have a hobby or special interest. Gabunglah into the forums that correspond to the topic of your blog.
At its core is aktiflah where readers often menghabisakan time pal. Buddy can berdikusi with them according to topics of interest and the occasional friend promote your blog. Most importantly do not promote excessive because some forums have strict regulations.

5. Social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a site that functions to bookmark pages that exist on the internet online. Many bloggers use social bookmarking sites as a place to bring visitors and also looking for backlinks.
One of the social bookmarking site of the most popular in Indonesia is Buddy can submit your blog posts to social bookmarking it.

6. Keep Learning

Keep learning to improve the ability of blogging buddy. Take advantage of Google as a search for information that my friend needed.
Join to forums like because a lot of useful tips there.

Making money from blog

If your blog is already big, it has a lot of readers, then it does not hurt to start making your blog as a money-producing machine.

Weve could bro ??? I do not believe it ..

Really could bro. Even the income from the blog can also be extraordinary big bro.
As long as we want to be consistent blogging, earn money from a blog is not impossible although only with the free blog platform.
Linda Ikeji who is a blogger from Nigeria is a simple example of successful obtain a large enough income from a free blog to capitalize consistency.
Income blogger this one reaches 300M / month just from one blog that berlamat in For more information about this successful blogger friend can read it here.
Successful Blogger
Linda Ikeji, Blogger Success of Nigeria
Linda Ikeji whether this is a blogger with the most revenue in the world?
Yes definitely not bro .. if my friend wants to know who the blogger who has the highest income, then the answer is Arianna Huffington.
Own blog The Huffington Post has reached 8 bln income every month. WOW!
Now the question is … how do BRO …. ??
There are so many ways to make money from blogs. Here are some of the most popular ways to make money from the blog:

1. Advertising Network

The most popular way is widely used Indonesian bloggers to make money from blogs is by following the program’s advertising network or Advertising Networks.
By following a program like this we just need to put a script or code into our blog to automatically display the ad.
We get paid every time someone clicks on an ad on our blog, or the term Pay Per Click PPC alias.

Here are some of the most popular Advertising Networks:
  • Google AdSense
  • Chitika
  • IdBlogNetwork (local)
  • Kliksaya (local)
  • and many more

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2. Selling Ad Space in Blog

In addition through the Advertising Networks, we can also offer advertising space on our blog directly to anyone who is interested in advertising on our blog.
The advantages of this method is the income that we get will be more certain, because we ourselves will determine the price.

3. Sell Your Own Products

One of the ways I was doing alone in this blog, that sell their own products. If my friend have their own products, whether it be physical or digital products, will be very mantab if my friend sold it through a blog.

4. Sell Services

Selling services could also be another alternative to make money from blogs. If my friend at writing, then you can try to sell the services of article writing. If the buddy blade design, it can also sells design services. And many more services that can mate to offer through blogs.

5. Join the Affiliate Program

If my friend wants to sell products on their own blogs but do not have a product that can be sold, then the friend can try to follow the affiliate program.
Affiliates is a program where we help market the products of others and we will get their commission on each sale.

6. And many more ..

5 way over only a small part that we can do for being money from blogs. There are still many other methods that are not less good for making money from blogs.


Learn blogging is actually not a difficult thing as long as we have the will. Fault or failure is a natural part of the learning process, so do not worry if maybe this time my friend can not see the results. The most important thing remains consistent.
Nothing feels it turns out this post is already quite long. Hopefully what I wrote above could benefit buddies all, especially for those who want to start to learn blogging.

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How To Earn And Make Money From Blog [Easy Guide]

This post is a continuation of my previous post about blogging guide for beginners to make money.

If my friend had not read the post, please read first.
For this post I would like to specifically discuss about how to make money from blogs in detail in the hope of giving a little insight for my friend who wants to learn to make money from blogs.
Because the post is quite long so I highly recommend that my friend prepare in advance a cup of coffee and snacks so that later do not sleepy in the middle of the road.
If you’re ready, please be continued …
Image result for cara menghasilkan uang dari blog
img src from google images

Making money from blogs is not the way to get rich quick

In this world no one is instant.

Instant noodles are an instant he can not be eaten with the wrapper.

Everything needs a process.

Making money from blogs as well as it is, takes the process.

As I mentioned above, I know the blog since 2010 but recently can make money from a blog in early 2013. That means two more years of my blogging without any results.

Successful bloggers I know are also mostly been blogging for years before finally meraka can successfully generate a lot of money from their blogs.

Here I just want to emphasize that making money from blogs is not impossible, but not easy at all and not a way to get rich quick.

Blogging is only for people who have the patience and perseverance to learn continuously to be able to make their blogs as a source of income.

Well, if my friend is one such person, means the buddy is obliged to read this post further.

Recognizes two types of bloggers

Before I go any further, there are some other important things you need to know first.

In this world, two types of bloggers. The first type is the blogger whose blog is not because of money, and the second type is bloggers blogging for money.

Both types are equally bloggers can make money from a blog, but specifically for bloggers blogging for money is usually the process to make money would be much more difficult. The reason is because a lot of new things to learn.

Examples like this:

Bloggers are blogging not because the money is usually from the beginning has had good writing skills. While not all bloggers are blogging for money writing skills.

I personally think is an example of early blogging bloggers who do not have good writing skills. It took a long time for me to be able to write like this. That is one reason why blogging for two years I could not produce anything.

If my friend feels the kind of blogger blogging due solely to make money, then be aware that a lot of new things to learn.

Well for my friend who from the beginning had been a hobby blog, I’m sure of making money from blogs is not a difficult thing to do.

5 steps to make money from blog

Steps to make money from blogs actually did not complicated, it’s just that the process takes patience and persistence of high levels.

There are at least five steps that need to be buddy pass. The steps are:

1. Determine the topic and target audience blog

The first step is to determine the topic and also the target of blog readers.

Before you create a blog buddy, buddy should already know what topics will be discussed on your blog and also determine who the target audience of your blog.

2. Create a blog

After finding a suitable topic of the blog, the next step of course started to create a blog.

If my friend were really still just learning blog, I suggest to create a free blog at

3. Creating quality content

Just having a blog is not enough to make money. Next my friend need to fill your blog with content quality.

Without quality content your blog will not be any visitors. Having a lot of blog visitors is one of the key kesuksesaan a blog.

Please read this post on how to create quality content.

4. Promote your blog

Currently the number of bloggers in Indonesia is very much, which means the competition will be intense.

Only with quality content alone is not enough to be able to get a lot of visitors, my friend also need to promote your blog.

5. Determine the appropriate method of monetization

Well the latter is the use of blogs that have been built with difficulty in order to make money.

This process is commonly called “monetization of blogs”, or the Indonesian language “monetize a blog”

There are so many methods of monetization that can be done, buddy should be able to find the right method for your blog because it is not suitable for all blog monetized in the same way.

Any kind of monetization methods?

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7 How to make money on the most popular blogs

Below is a list of 7 most popular monetization method that is often used by bloggers to make money from their blogs.

Most of monetization methods below’ve ever done, but there are some that I personally have never tried.

But clearly monetization methods below are methods that have been proven.

1. Advertise

The first is the most popular among the most popular, is by placing ads on blogs.

To monetize your blog with ads there are two paths you can choose buddy.

The first is to sign up to the program Advertising Networks or advertising network.

The second is to offer directly to prospective advertisers to advertise on your blog or commonly referred to as Direct Advertising.

advertising Networks

Advertising Networks or network advertising is a service program that connects between advertisers with the owner of the website or blog.

Well if you want to make money from a program like this, my friend simply need to sign up to the program’s advertising network, then later my friend will be given an advertising code that needs to be installed on the blog.

Income earned is usually calculated every time there are people who click on the ads on your blog or commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Advertising Networks program one of the most popular in Indonesia is Google AdSense.

Direct Advertising

Unlike the Advertising Networks, Direct Advertising is a method in which the buddy offers directly to potential advertisers to advertise on your blog.

The advantages of this method is the income of your blog can be much higher because the ads that are installed on the blog is not through a third party intermediary.

Price advertising itself varies, generally match the amount and quality of the end of the blog.

Although the friend can get a higher yield, but this way you could say it’s not easy. The reason is because my friend should be looking for potential advertisers who are willing to advertise on your blog.

2. Paid Review

Paid reviews or paid posts is a monetization method which we earn money by reviewing products or services of people through our blog posts.

Basically there’s no difference with Direct Advertising, Direct Advertising is only the difference if their ads in the form of a banner ad, while paid its advertising in the form of posting a review.

3. Selling your own product

Sell ​​the product itself is one of the best blog monetiasi method that can be done. The reason for selling their own products friend can earn many times greater than using other methods of monetization.

If you use this method you could say my friend does not make money from your blog directly, because the income is from the buddy get selling. While the function of the blog buddy will manage just as a place to promote products that sell pal.

Products that can be sold through the blog is divided into two types.

Ie physical products and digital products.

For physical products almost anything can be sold through the blog. But of course, the product sold must correspond to the topic of your blog.

  • For example, your blog talks about the bird, the bird friend can sell drugs.
  • For example, your blog talks about motivation, motivation friend can sell books.
  • For example, your blog talks about gadgets, my friend can sell gadgets.
  • And so forth

As for digital products that can be sold through the blog usually products such as:

  • EBook (Electronic Book)
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Software
  • Theme Website
  • Plugin
  • design drawings
  • etc.

Selling its own products through blogs certainly not an easy thing. The first mate must have products for sale, the two buddies must find a blog targeted visitors into buying products that sell pal.

4. Selling its own merits

In addition to product buddy could also sell services through the blog. Monetization method is very suitable for my friend who has expertise that can be distributed via the Internet.


  • If the design whiz buddy, my friend can provide design services
  • If my friend at writing, my friend can provide article writing services
  • If my friend was good at making website, my friend can provide website development services
  • etc. is a personal blog that contains tutorials on drawing vector and the blog admin using the blog as a place to promote a vector drawing his services.

5. Following the affiliate program

For my friend who do not have their own product to sell or do not have the skills that can be used as a service, affiliate program is another alternative that can be selected.

Affiliates is a program where we help promote the products or services of others and we will get a commission if we succeed in selling these products.

To join the affiliate program like this friend can search for providers of products or services that provide affiliate program or it could be through an affiliate network.

6. Provide a membership program

Program membership is one monetization method that I personally have never tried.

But this monetization method has been proven to provide a decent income for many bloggers Indonesia and outside the State that has been proved.

Program membership at dasarnnya is a program which provides a buddy on your blog premium content and premium content can only be accesed by the end of which have become a member by paying a sum of money.

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7. Sale blog

The latest of which monetization method is by selling blog.

So pal earn money by creating a blog The blog continues to sell to others.

Weve nothing to buy, Bro?

Outside there are many novice bloggers are lazy to create a blog from scratch. If you have the money they usually prefer to buy ready-made blog.


There are so many ways you can do to make money from blogs. All the methods that I have written above is a method that has been proven.

And believe it or not, other than that I have written above, there are many other ways that can be done, from the way Bener until manner not right.

For my friend who is just learning blog, I believe the information I have given above even make a loss because too much can be selected.

So, what’s next?

My advice, if indeed new pal learn blogging, then do not make money as a main focus. Because I’m sure not going to take a long time friend decided to stop blogging.

For in the early days are better focused to learn blogging first. Although not generate anything, blogging still has many other benefits. Of improving writing skills, become more tech-savvy, and most importantly to help others through writing that we make.

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10 Ways to Increase CTR on Google AdSense Blog

Sign up for Google Adsense is just the first step for those who want to make money from Google AdSense.

The next step is to increase visitors to the blog and also optimize the AdSense ads on your blog so that more and more are ngeklik.

Well in this post I will discuss about how to improve the CTR Google AdSense.

10 Ways to Increase CTR on Google AdSense Blog

What is the CTR?

CTR (Click Through Rate) or in Indonesian called the CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage amount of total display ad clicks / ad impressions.

For example, if an ad on your blog viewed 1000 times and there are 10 people who click on the ads, that means buddy get a CTR of 1%.

How many Google AdSense CTR is reasonable?

Google AdSense reasonable CTR is generally between 1% to 3%. Your blog might be able to get a CTR greater or smaller. That is because the number of CTR depends on many things, one of which is a topic in the blog.

There are some blog topics can get a very high CTR, but it is also the topic of the blog that can only get CTR under 1%.

One of the topics the blog that usually get a low CTR is a hodgepodge blog topics or blogs whose topics are mixed.

How to improve the CTR Google AdSense?

Whether your blog hodgepodge blog or not, below are some things you can do to increase the CTR pal Google AdSense or trivial language which means that each click on the ads.

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1. Use a theme / template that is simple and not too crowded

Try to use a theme or template blog that has a simple layout and also not too crowded (not too many colors).

Why is that,Bro?

Because the blog that is simple and not too many knick-knacks will make your ads can appear more prominent and will more easily attract the attention of visitors to click.

2. Do not put too many widgets

Although your blog using the theme or template is simple but if you put too many widgets, the same lie.

Remove the widgets that are not too important, for example, a calendar widget or widget blog stats, etc. The fewer widgets installed will get better. The reason is the same as point number one.

3. Use the theme / template is not too wide

Blog design that is too wide will make the visitor’s eye should move to the right and to the left to read the content on the blog. Because her eyes are tired eventually sempet not see the ad because it did not focus.

Well if cramped blog design will make the visitor’s eyes focused on the middle and will make the ads more easily draw the eye. In the end gatel kepengin visitors click on the ads.

4. Use the responsive design

Internet users now use more mobile devices than desktop. That means to have a responsive design blog is a must.

Moreover, Google AdSense now provide advertising types Responsive.

5. Use the recommended ad sizes

Google AdSense provides a fair amount of ad sizes to choose from, even my friend can also make the size of the ad itself. But there are only a few sizes only ad that has a great CTR performance.

Generally, the larger the size of the ad will be higher its value CTR. The reason is certainly due to a larger ad will be more easily seen by visitors.

Here is a graph that I took from about ad CTR values ​​of the size of the smallest to the biggest:

Ukuran Iklan AdSense yang Maksimal

6. Put an ad in the right place

Although my friend had chosen the right ad size, but if one ad placement then certainly not be effective.

Following are recommendations ad placement in order to get a higher CTR:
  • Under the title of the posting size of 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  • In the middle posts Responsive size, 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  • Below the post size 300 × 250 or 336 × 280
  • In the sidebar size of 300 × 600, 300 × 250 or 160 × 600
  • In the header or Responsive size 728 × 90

7. Use a combination of ad types of images, text, and link units

Google AdSense provides three types of advertising, namely advertising the type of image, text and link units. Use a combination of all three so that ads that appear more varied.

8. Reduce the number of ads

One of the other ways that can be done to enhance the Google AdSense CTR is to reduce the number of ads attached.
Simply attach the ads in locations that get high CTR values. For example under the post title or in the middle of the post.

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9. Do not mix AdSense ads with other ad

Google AdSense itself does not prohibit to mix AdSense ads with ads from other programs. But it would be better not to mix it up.

10. Increase blog visitors

The latter may not how to increase CTR, but how else, if my friend already implement ways 1 to 9 but still lower CTR ad, then the easiest solution is to increase visitors to the blog.


Perhaps only much alone this time my post on how to improve Google AdSense CTR. Do not forget to experiment on his own because every blog is different.
For my friend who may have no other way does not hurt to be shared in the comments field.

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